MATHEMATICS IN CHAMAKAM. Mathematics is a part of our daily life in several ways. Hence, it is no wonder that it has come to occupy an important place in. SRI RUDRAM with meaning Srirudram, also known as Rudraprasna, is a hymn devoted to lord Shiva. Sri Rudram comprises of two parts. The first part known as . Sri Rudram With Meaning – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Sri Rudram (Namakam and Chamkam) with meaning.

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It is the most treasured possession and has the property of nourishing of chamaksm and beings. This Anuvaka is also chanted for the cure of diseases. Namo lopyaya cholapya cha Salutations to Him who exists in hard places which do not sustain even grass and in coarse and other grasses.

May I be granted freedom from fear and enemity. Thus it talks about the ziZnam the primitive cell structures.

Chamakam English Translation

Nama urmyaya chavas vanyaya cha Salutations to Him who is in great waves and in the still waters. Namo varmine cha, varuyour cha Salutations to Him who is clad in armor Himself, and who has provided for the safety of His charioteer.

This anuvaka traces the origination of Protons in various forms and invokes the force of Rudra in each case. CHAMAKAM FIRST ANUVAKA Om Agnaavishhnuu sajoshhasemaa vardhantu vaam girah Dyumnairvaajebhiraagatamh Vaajashcha me prasavashcha me prayatishcha me prasitishcha me dhiitishcha me kratushcha me svarashcha me shlokashcha me shraavashcha me shrutishcha mejyotishcha me suvashcha me praanashcha me apaanashcha me vyaanashcha me asushcha me chittam cha ma aadhiitam cha me vaakcha me manashcha me chakshushcha me shrotram cha me dakshashcha me balam cha ma ojashcha me sahashcha ma aayushcha me jaraa cha ma aatmaa cha me tanuushcha me sharma cha me varma cha me angaani cha me asthaani cha me paruushhi cha me shariiraani cha me Let God grant me food, permit me to eat the food, ensure purity of food and keen desire to relish, digest and cause it to obtain.


The name Prana came to Human breath, because it binds oxygen to blood or metabolism to human body probably later. Electrons in the Van Allen radiation belt guard the earth. Namo rathibhyo rathe bhyascha vo namah Salutations to you who ride in chariots and you who ride on no conveyance, but walk on foot.

You, who fulfills your vow of protecting all who serve you and take refuge in you; that arrow of yours which you hold ready to let fly, withhold it and make it tranquil and auspicious.

Nama shlokyaya chavasanyaya cha Salutations to Him who is praised by the Vedic Mantras and who is expounded in the Vedantic Upanishads. Let me recite, chant Vedic mantras with Specific intonation with pleasing and absorbing voice with proper hearing, mental alacrity and bless me to reach the abode of Gods. Be free from bodily ailments, ensuring longevity, circumventing untimely death, devoid of enemies and antagonism, assured of bountiful sleep and a very successful and glamorous day and dawn.

Salutations to them Rudraganas who afflict fhamakam and also grievously. May I have the executive ability and drive to extract obedience and work from my servants and others. My salutations to your bow and to your two hands. Let there be no arrows in His quiver. The 10th Anuvaka is the great dedicatory prayer.

Mathematics in Chamakam – Mathematics Miscellany

The meaning of these verses is: Understand the secret of sacrifice that the Creator Himself is performing with emaning to His creation. Here Prana the strong force binds the Quarks and help forms the next set of particles such as Baryons and Mesons. Thirty one specific desires are prayed to be fulfilled in this fifth Anuvaka. Namo babhlu shaya vivyadhinen nanam Pataye namo 11 Salutations to Him who rides on the bull, to him who has the power to pierce all things, to the Lord of food, salutations.

The streaming QGP srucha that keeps coming out of the Amba feeds this ionic plasma. To mfaning God who is the Dandhya time when the three sacred fires are lit; who is Rudra the fire that consumes the universe; whose throat is blue; who has conquered death; the Lord of all; the ever auspicious one; salutations to that glorious and great God.


Shyamkumar Tuesday, February 26, This comprises of 11 parts. Then the names and nakshatra vedic constellation of each sponsoring individual is read along with slokas that detail the time and place of the yagya, the reason it is being performed, the deities being worshipped, the rituals being performed and the desired results. Muons distribute matter and are generated when protons cosmic rays impinge on molecules in space.

Hence the numbers are counted as four, eight, twelve upto forty-eight. Let not even one among them perish or get ill. If Meaniny is a Baryonic ion, then its thunderbolt is neutrinos which can pierce anything, travels at speed of light, with near zero mass Mitra Mitra is an Asura in the sense that it is a sub-atomic particle.

Vasyas cha may, yasas cha may, bhagas cha may, dravinam cha may May I be granted comfortable habitations, good fortunes, wealth and fame.

Kashyap and understandings given by Sri Aurobindo. Come into the Leptons and Photons for protection. May the hymns called Brhad and Rathantara be properly recited during the sacrificial rites.

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Full text of “Extra SRI RUDRAM With Meaning”

How did you maning such scientific explanation. Namo nilagrivaya cha shiti kanthaya cha Salutations to Him whose throat is black and whose throat is also white. Namo vichinvakte bhyo, Salutations to you who search and examine the good and bad that each one does and who abides in the hearts of the Gods. The entire process will take about 4 to 5 hours daily. And place your quiver of arrows far away from us.

Nandi Tantrism Jyotirlinga Shiva Temples. Turn their hurtful faces away from us.