Namakam Chamakam Sri Rudram. Namakam – Yajur Veda Chapter Om Namo Bhagavate Rudraya. Namaste Rudramanyavautota Ishhave. Sri Rudram Namakam Chamakam Sri Rudram Namakam Chamakam Lyrics in 9 Indian languages. Sri Rudram Laghunyasam Sri Rudram Namakam. Rudram Śrī Rudram Anuvāka 1 – Devanāgarī, transliteration and translation text. Also includes a text with phonetic changes of anusvāra and visarga.

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In this Anuvaka, the force of Rudra is invoked on the Electro-Magnetic field photons and its various properties. Atho ye asya satvanoaham tebhyoakarannamah.

Chamakam English Translation

Salutations to the red One, the Lord; to the Lurics of trees, salutations. In this Anuvaka, the force exerted by Purusha is explained and invoked.

Salutations to Him who is inherently of the nature of conferring happiness directly in this world and the world hereafter. Let speech get strengthened through evolution Let the soul strengthen through evolution Let evolution strengthen through evolution.

Let the process of respiration cjamakam thus energy production become strengthened through evolution. Salutations to you who are not liable to decay and who abides in the hearts of the Gods. Salutations to Him who is in the earth and in the fair waves. Salutations to you Ganas and their lords. Each Anuvaka corresponds to a force of Rudra, as there are eleven Rudras. Thanks and my chamaakam for yours and your family’s good health and peace!!

Let my Joyous offerings bear fine and worthy speech and my words please the divinity, make men chamakkam their cuamakam to gladden and Gods enlighten me and invoke my speech very powerful and my fore fathers feel excellently glad over it and bless me to perpetuate it.


Let the process of elimination of waste become strengthened through the process of evolution. Confer on us happiness in this world, and in the next.

Vak in biological context indicates speech. Salutations to Him who dwells on the mount and who is in the form of Vishnu. Come into the spotless particle mesons for protection. Nama somaya cha rudraya cha nama – chamakkam something manas cha ya radrush cha yama so mana – what does this mean?

Come into the Baryonic ionic fire Aindragna that creates more and more nuclei ions for protection. Lydics it talks about Mesons which does the internal bonding between protons and neutrons.

Salutations to Him who showers blessings very much and who bears arrows. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You may download the latest version from the Adobe Website. Salutations to Him who is in the form of the sands and flowing water. TvaSta is also an asura. Come lryics the lord Mesons for protection.

Let him annihilate the enemies of mine like scorpions, snakes, and tigers, and the unseen enemies like the Rakshasas, spirits and demons. Following the lepton epoch, radiation moving away of photons originated.

English translation of chamakam

Yaa te rudra shiva tanu raghoraapapakashini. I had mapped the Reta to Soma and Soma to an acidic medium that is essential for biological growth in my earlier blogs here. Let life-time become fit and able through evolution let it continuously increase. In the biological context, apana is the force that eliminates waste from blood. Agnaa Vishnu sajosh semaa vardhanthu vaam gira. The interpretations provided in these are mine.


The text is important in Shaivism where Shiva is viewed as God. Salutations to Him who is red and rosy-red also. Lord Rudra, you who dwell on Mount Kailas and who confer happiness, by that form of yours which is not terrible, which chanakam not injure us, and which is highly auspicious, behold and illuminate us.

Salutations to you who string your bows and you who fit arrows in them; to them my salutations.

It is a all pervading force that has lordship, is abundant and is ever increasing its abundance. Salutations to Him who pervades all and moves swiftly.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Shri Rudram’s Namakam chapter five describes the name chamkaam epithets of Rudrawho is a fear-inducing aspect of Shiva. The eleventh anuvaka talks about the growth of Cbamakam bases in mitochondria and million bases in Nucleus of human beings that carry intelligence. May they render me happy. Approach us wearing your elephant hide garment. Number two indicates two thousand bases. May then render me happy.