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Meta-analyses, clinical trials and advances in applied translational research will also be considered. In general, full-text case reports will not be considered for publication.

As a forum for Polish interventional cardiologists, the journal also publishes papers discussing issues related to interventional cardiology in Poland including statements and reports on instrkcja initiatives within the community. Letters 50 the Editor with comments on previously published papers will also be considered for publication. Papers are published exclusively in English. All original submissions are subject to peer review.

Editorials contain commentaries on current important inshrukcja studies instrulcja scientific issues. They are written on invitation, but unsolicited topical commentaries will also be welcomed for consideration.

The manuscript should not exceed words not including tables and references. The number of authors should be limited to 4. An abstract and keywords are not required. Original full length papers should not exceed words not including tables and references. Each article should contain a vdr abstract — words. The manuscript should be arranged as follows: No more than 40 references are accepted.

Please limit the number of authors to 10; exceptions are made for multi-center trials and can be requested for other situations, provided that all authors meet the listed requirements. Short communications contain a brief report or preliminary results of original studies that deserve rapid publication.

They can also be used to describe a novel treatment technique, or to present a step-by-step approach in the field of cardiovascular interventions. Short communications should be no more than words not including tables and instrukccja.

Review papers should be submitted only after consultation with the Editors. The csr should not exceed words not including tables and references and up to 70 references. An unstructured abstract — words and 3—6 key words are required for submission. Reasonable exceptions can be requested. Case reports are not accepted any longer. Importantly, this category should not be considered as a simplified case report presentation. Thus, authors are asked to focus on the uniqueness of their findings and imaging results.

One, high-quality figure should be accompanied by text no more than words not including referencesup to 4 references and a detailed figure legend. The figure can be divided into a maximum of 4 panels.


Authors are strongly encouraged to clearly mark structures of interest with markers arrows, asterisks, lines, etc. No more than 6 authors are accepted. A limited number of letters will be published. Letters must be received within 6 weeks after publication of the article. The authors of the original publication will be invited to reply if requiredand their response will be published alongside the letter. No original data may be included.

Up to 4 references are allowed, including the reference to the discussed paper. It may contain 1 table or figure. Letters to the Editor have a limit of 4 authors. Letters on Editorial comments or previously published correspondence, including research letters, will not be considered. The manuscript should contain the following components: Note that title page components, i.

Do not include the title page in the submission to allow a blinded review process. Items 9 to 11 should be included in one file manuscript body. Tables and figures should be submitted as separate files.

Manuscripts should be in their final form when submitted. The word count should also be included in the title page. Title and short title The title should be concise and informative, and should not include abbreviations where possible. A running title of not more than 50 characters will be placed at the top of each page of the printed article. Abstract A structured abstract of to words is required for original papers. It should present essential unstrukcja in five paragraphs: The objective of the study should be clearly stated in the Introduction section.

No data that do not appear in the main text should be reported in the abstract.

An unstructured abstract of to words is required for review articles. It should summarize the article, including major observations and conclusions. Affiliation s for each author should be provided. The corresponding author should be clearly indicated. Details of the corresponding author, including full name, academic degrees, name and address of the institution, telephone and fax numbers with area and country codes, and an e-mail address should be provided.

Only a user registered in the Editorial System may be defined as the corresponding author. Key words Three to 6 key words that do not appear in the title and as used in Index Medicus are required for both original and review papers. Do not use abbreviations as key words. The writing style should be clear and concise, and the manuscript should follow a classical layout.

American English should be preferably used in all submissions. Original articles should adhere to the following structure: For Editorial comments, Short communications, as well as Review papers, Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion headings are not required.

Manuscripts should be submitted in Word format and should be double-spaced. The automatic page numbering function should be used.

Instrukcja obsługi Dension Gateway S

Every reference, figure, and table should be cited in the text in numerical order according to the order of mention. Abbreviations Abbreviations should be defined at first mention and used consistently thereafter instrukcka also applies to the abstract.


Other than in exceptional situations, abbreviations should not be used in the title of the submission. All sources of funding and contributions should be listed after the main text.

They may include for example the number of a research project supporting the work. Also individuals who have made some contribution to a manuscript, but who do not meet the criteria for authorship, should be listed in an acknowledgement section. It is the responsibility of the authors to ensure the accuracy of the references in the submitted manuscript.

References should be identified by Arabic numerals in square brackets in the order of appearance in the main body of the text.

When multiple references are cited at a given place in instrukcna text, a hyphen to join the first and last numbers that are inclusive should be used. Use commas with spaces to separate non-inclusive numbers in a multiple citation e.

Instrukcjw data and personal communications are not recommended in the reference list, but may be mentioned in the text. References should be listed at the end of the main body of the text. Journal names should be abbreviated according to Index Medicus.

If a journal is not listed in Index Medicus, its full name should be given. For journal articles with more than 3 authors, only the first 3 authors should be listed, followed by “et al. Do not use periods after authors’ initials. Please provide inclusive page numbers. See below for examples: Aetiology, treatment, and prognosis. Postep Kardiol Interw ; Prehospital ticagrelor in ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction.

N Engl J Med ; Am J Cardiol Jan 6 [Epub ahead of print]; doi: Provide author schapter title, editor sbook title, publisher location and name, year, and inclusive page numbers. Szczeklik A, Tendera M, editors. Medycyna Praktyczna, ; Provide specific URL address and date information was accessed. A fractional flow reserve-guided PCI is a valid alternative. Assessed February 10, If previously published tables are submitted, the authors should include a statement that they obtained permission from the copyright holder.

After acceptance of the manuscript the authors should provide a copy of such permission. This also pertains to the previously published tables of the author s.

Tables should be submitted separately and must be submitted as instrukkcja text not as images. They should be numbered using Arabic numerals according to their sequence in the text.