CD Stomper Pro 2-up CD DVD Core (A4) CD DVD labels, CD Stomper Pro 2-up CD DVD Core (A4) CD DVD label template, How to print on CD Stomper Pro. Create a CD-Label with CD-Stomper • Step-by-Step Instructions 1 The School of Education Computer Lab uses the CD Stomper Pro labels and software to. Size: ” CD. Labels per sheet: 2. Same size as**: Intended use: CD Rom Margins: Top “, Bottom “, Left “, Right “. Select Your Material.

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cd stomper template x64025

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Posted on Jul 31, 7: Jul 31, Aug 1, 7: Aug 1, Aug 5, 7: Aug 7, 3: Aug 7, 1: Aug 8, 7: User profile for user: The Avery site I believe they bought the brand x640025 not have the labels I have in their template software.

Does anyone know where I can get a template or software update for the original software? Thanks for any tips.

All replies Drop Down menu. Your Very Serious Bengt W. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. Sorry to hear you have had issues though.

Frank Miller2 Frank Miller2. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: They aren’t the same animal. The next blank media I buy I will look at getting printable media, but it does not seem to be easily available on a spindle, at least in the UK.

CD Stomper template, DVD Stomper CD labels, DVD label software

In the mean time I have plenty of labels and branded discs left Don’t get the cheap paper ones, get the ones made especially for DVDs, sometimes made of Polyester.


Better yet, get a glossy label! Beverly Maneatis Beverly Maneatis. Desktops Speciality level out of cv Please, please pay attention to those who are warning you. Just because you personally have not had a car accident doesn’t mean you should be driving without a seat belt or rearview mirrors.

Are you saying that the CD-Stomper labels are not fit for purpose, or that all adhesive labels are not fit for purpose? Are you talking about using Apple slot loading drives, or generic CD and DVD players that overheat the label causing the adhesive issues?

I will always pay attention to a well informed warning with supporting argument, but to be honest anyone that says “X is bad” without any supporting argument or evidence for their claims I tend to ignore on internet forums. Don’t get the analogy with seat belts either, what you are saying is more if you buy brand X tyres the wheels will fall of my car I have read that it is the adhesive on all labels.

Any drive that can become hot, including computer drives and DVD players can cause the adhesive to melt or loosen. I fully understand your wanting information backed up, not just thrown around. Here are some comments found on a Google search for stick on labels for DVDs, and a couple of websites with warnings and information: I’m sure we’ve seen CDs labelled with one square label, but at current speeds the imbalance would be intolerable. Reaction between adhesive and media topcoat – more troublesome with media that has no additional top treatent.

Peeling of the label due to time, weak adhesive – a partially peeled label will cause serious problems. You will probably find that they look great, until 3 months from now, or 6 months from now, or perhaps a year from now, when most or even all of those burned DVDs suddently stop playing correctly on your DVD players.

  DSC 9047 PDF

Do a search, and read some of the the experiences of others in this area. You may still find it in stores, though. Your pricing may vary, a lot. Avoid stick-on labels on DVDs.

They have not generally caused problems on CDs, but the DVD is a much more “precise” critter, and most of those who have tried to use labels on them regret it eventually, according to every thread I have read on this topic, on five different popular forums. So I use correct round labels applied direct centre with the appropriate tool see thread titleand I don’t use cheap media so I have yet to have a reaction with the top layer and the adhesive.

Appreciate the comments on DVD’s more sensitive than CD, but I just tried a disc i made 3 years ago in iMovie and labelled with stomper label and it plays fine, not peeling, no issues. The only thing that concerns me from all of that information is the slot loading, and its a valid point as macbook and macbook pro run very hot and it may affect the label after time in the drive.

In any case as no one has answered the question on templates, I am not making any labels at the moment anyway! Everyone I know that tried adhesive labels was sorry. Ask a question Reset.