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One of the most ccno laws governing labour relationships is Act no. Terziraio provisions contained in NCBAs, therefore, represent the criterion to assess wages set in individual contracts. To sum up, basic rights and pay levels are established at national level, while decentralised collective agreements aim to adapt the general conditions to a specific context, in accordance with the mandatory provisions established at national level.

This section briefly summarises the Italian system for ensuring skills and employability and looks into the extent of training. In greater detail, employers would be entitled to ask employees working under a horizontal part-time arrangement a contract reducing daily working hours to perform, within the limits established by NCBAs, the working hours exceeding the teziario hours settled by the individual contract, upon payment of additional remuneration.

In any case, overtime shall be agreed between the employer and the employee, and cannot exceed hours a year. Industrial action and disputes Legal aspects The right to strike is enshrined in Article 40 of the Italian Constitution.

Living and working in Italy

Employment rates increased in the five years considered. Life satisfaction Data source: To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. For employees hired starting MarchJobs Act reformed this set of terzisrio. In the figure, we see a comparison between Italy and European Union for the workers with ‘Age: Please feel free to contact your country contact at Eurofound for this or any other information at information eurofound.


The provisions contained in those laws concern in most aspects only workers operai and employees impiegatiand do not affect executives dirigenti.

Extension mechanisms Collective agreements cannot be extended by legislation. If the dismissal is based on a just cause, no notice period applies.

These organisations will sit with other social partners to negotiate or renew the relevant NCBA. Different remedies are introduced depending on ccln reasons for dismissal: In relation to JACode, the newly adopted remedial act sets forth full traceability of job vouchers.

Peace obligation clauses have only an obligatory effect, i.

Sectoral collective agreements can also establish the involvement of cross-sectoral social partners when sectoral social partners do not manage to agree upon the contractual renewal. The pay indexes are based on survey data and on INPS administrative declarations released by enterprises, and exclude workers under short-time working schemes and managers.

Shift work Article 1 of Act no. In the framework of measures addressing retirement rules and pension benefits, and following a long phase of consultations with trade unions, the Budget Law introduced three early retirement schemes targeting people aged at least 63 who are no more than three years and seven months away from statutory retirement age: Moreover, paternity leave is extended to all distribbuzione of workers — not only to employees as it is now.

Training, research, welfare provision, labour market intermediation, and coordination and monitoring of local bilateral bodies active in the same fields. Research, coordination, and monitoring of local bilateral bodies in the craft sector that are active in the fields of training, income support, welfare provision, 201 safety at work. It is possible to distinguish between two different types of strike: Pursuant to Article 1 of Act no.

The profiles are updated annually.

In greater detail, NCBAs support bilateral bodies by means of additional levies on employers and, in some cases, employees, and by strengthening their role in the provision of training and income support measures, and as terzixrio dispute resolution bodies.


The abovementioned provisions can be extended to the father of distribjzione child if: Despite this general framework, the Budget Law established a new set of rules on private welfare schemes. The law regulates the right to strike only in dixtribuzione to the public sector. These developments, supported and incentivised by the government, have often torn unions apart, with the Italian General Confederation of Work CGIL pointing to the risk of deconstruction of collectively agreed rules.

All’ when asked ‘Do you have enough time to get the job done?

Living and working in Italy | Eurofound

Retirement age Act no. We think you have liked this presentation. During this period, the employer cannot dismiss the worker.

The act also eliminated caps on the value of supplementary pension contributions that can be exempted from income taxation, a measure that is likely to promote the establishment of paritarian pension funds in the framework of collective bargaining agreements. Two requirements shall exist for a strike to be considered lawful: Consequently, a doctor must certify the state of illness, submitting the certificate to INPS through an online procedure.

However, these agreements apply only to enterprises and workers who are members of bargaining social partners. Female employment increased 2. Vocational training paritarian institutions fondi interprofessionalitoo, must be taken into consideration.

The National comparisons visualisation presents a comparative overview for the values of all answers between two selected countries. The general APE can be accessed by 2011 workers upon taking out a year loan intended to pay back the anticipated sum, as well as a life insurance policy subsidised by the State. It has been difficult for me to fulfil my family responsibilities because of the amount of time I spend on the job.

Although it is formally possible to call a strike during negotiations, social partners have autonomously regulated this issue, by establishing peace obligation periods and procedures.