Cattell, R. B. (). Theory of fluid and crystallized intelligence: A critical experiment. Journal of Educational Psychology, 54(1), /. Crystallized Intelligence: Examples & Definition . These two tasks illustrate two different types of intelligence proposed by Raymond Cattell known as ‘fluid Psychology has offered many theories about intelligence over the. Charles Spearman’s noted student Raymond Cattell expanded on Spearman’s theory of a unified g and explored the difference between two independent but.

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This whole business distresses me, and I wish you would write to let me know crystaolized once if you think this [is] claiming too much. Hebb then applied his ideas on the two aspects of intelligence to animal studies. It maps these against suitable work environments according to Elliott Jacques Stratified Systems Theory.

Fluid and Crystallized Intelligence

There are various measures that assess fluid intelligence. Issues 621— Matrix Reasoning, which involves induction and deducation, and Picture Concepts, which involves induction. My views were based on two pieces of evidence cattsll in Hebb’s field of research, and I had already discussed them with Thurstone and with Miles.

Following the APA meeting, Cattell sent Hebb two typed pages of material which he was planning to add to the manuscript he was submitting to the Psychological Bulletin on the Measurement of Adult Intelligence.

Fluid and crystallized intelligence – Wikipedia

Crystallized intelligence relates to the study of aging. Thomas Thepry and Sons. Hebb gave the patient a battery of psychological tests rather than a single test, and found that he had high language test scores 1. Hebb were cattlel of the ability of the currently available tests to accurately measure intelligence and both began to develop improved tests of intelligence. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Impaired performance on some tasks measuring fluid intelligence and enhanced performance on others are found on some measures in individuals with autism spectrum disorders including Asperger syndrome.

In terms of the clinical evaluation of intelligence intelligrnce brain damaged patients, Hebb bp. For example, the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale WAIS measures fluid intelligence on the performance scale and crystallized intelligence on the verbal scale. Fluid intelligence generally crystqllized with measures of abstract reasoning and puzzle fluuid.


Using archival materials, this paper examines the relationship between Hebb and Cattell’s ideas on intelligence and examines 1 whether Hebb influenced Cattell’s development of the concepts of crystallized and fluid intelligence and 2 whether Cattell’s theory of fluid and crystallized intelligence was based on Hebb’s notion of intelligence A crysfallized intelligence B.

The difficulty of testing Gf independently and outside of any accrued cultural or educational knowledge is challenging. Hebb found that all abilities were not equally affected following brain lesion, but to determine the effects of brain damage required a test which measured each ability independently, enabling a comparison of their levels in order to determine which abilities were lost and which were retained. Test, and the Arthur Performance Test.

He described the differences in the distribution of intelligence in adults and children and the advantages and disadvantages of using the Intelligence Quotient. Genetica 99— Journal List Front Hum Neurosci v.

Effect of brain damage on intelligence in rats.

Hebb and Cattell: The Genesis of the Theory of Fluid and Crystallized Intelligence

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. The Fight for Our National Intelligence. The former may be confounded due to cohort effects while the latter may be biased due to prior test experiences. Raymond Bernard Cattell Hebb’s students also showed that there was an interaction between brain damage and environmental experience on intelligence in rats Lansdell, ; Smith,indicating that the physiological and environmental aspects of intelligence could be dissociated.

In this paper, Cattell described 44 different intelligence tests and proceeded to critique these for their focus on verbal material, their cultural biases and poor reliability and validity.

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A second study conducted at the University of Technology in Hangzhou, China, supports Jaeggi’s results independently.

The Binet-Simon intelligence scale and its modifications such as the Stanford-Binet scale were the most commonly used tests of intelligence in the ‘s Pintner,but the Wechsler-Bellevue intelligence scale, published in Wechsler, introduced a number of innovations in intelligence testing including a test more suitable for intellience intelligence in adults rather than children; the inclusion of both verbal and performance measures of intelligence; and the omission of memory tests Boake, Fluid and crystallized intelligence are thus correlated with each other, and most IQ tests attempt to measure both varieties.


Refinement and test of the theory of fluid and crystallized general intelligences. Clinical tests of adult intelligence [Abstract].

Later, Hebb’s students began to examine the effects of environmental enrichment and deprivation on measures of intelligence in dogs Thompson and Heron, What about Asperger Syndrome? In other words, they would likely give a more accurate score for our hypothetical Sentinelese child! A culture-free intelligence test I.

Like fluid ability’s relation to crystallized intelligence, Piaget’s operativity is considered to be prior to, and ultimately provides the foundation for, everyday learning. Their task is to choose the picture that fits the series or sequence from an array of five options. He then compared the scores of American-born and immigrant children on his culture-free test and three other tests of intelligence: Although they are properly a product of intellectual power, they are an important part of what we call intelligence.

My search for Hebb’s role in the genesis catfell the concepts of fluid and crystallized intelligence was stimulated by a letter from Dr. Hebb’s presentation at 1: Crystallized intelligence is indicated by a person’s depth and breadth of general knowledge, vocabulary, and the ability to reason using words and numbers.

In the written a, unpublished manuscript of this talk, Hebb’s ideas were put more forcefully. I look forward to clearing nitelligence any minor points over a glass of beer at the next APA meeting. Cattell,pp. Mankind and Destiny from the Standpoint of a Scientist. These ideas were first developed in the ‘s Cattell,but remained consistent over his academic career Cattell, Cattell thus developed a culture-free test with seven sub-tests.