The first book in Catherine Coulter’s beloved Bride series. Douglas Sherbrooke, Earl of Northcliffe, marries the wrong woman-only to find himself haunted by a. In a display of what poses as wit in this Regency novel, the first of a trilogy, Douglas Sherbrooke, Earl of Northcliffe, tells his wife Alexandra that she is “as. The complete series list for – Sherbrooke Brides Catherine Coulter. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history.

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As an adult, I realized that there is a great deal of satire in here. Poor Alex, she actually pretty girl but she never wear beautifull gown and always bind her breast which made rbide like little girl.

I hope to change my mind, but I’m not holding my breath. Some of his actions are understandable, but he honestly is also just a jerk sometimes.

All the girls in my family are 6 feet tall and could be runway models. If these links don’t work, click the Read More link, and buy from there. I like Sinjin sister of Douglas, she so funny.

The Bride Trilogy

When Alexandra decides she wants to escape, it gets even more annoying. I also identified with the character of Alex sherbropke she felt awkward and plain in comparison to her beautiful sister Melissande.

That said I will say the writing style was good. The book to me seems quite aware that Douglas is being unreasonable and winks at the reader. Knowing Coulter’s style, I kind of expected it.

Does she speak to him? The book’s annoyingness kept escalating for me!!! The thing is, it’s supposed to be a Historical Romantic Comedy, and if you remember that while you read it then you will see the same magic I do. They also never describe that he probably has a lot of ass hair as well. Jan 10, Mancho rated it really liked it. I could work with an arrogant asshole such as Douglas, but could not, could not, I repeat, stomach a stupid heroine like Alexandra.


You see, Douglas’ family is forcing him to get married and produce an heir, given that he’s an earl and his offspring shall follow his footsteps. Were there children who might want revenge against Douglas? When he discovers he has feelings for Alexandra, I felt like Yeah right.

The Sherbrooke Bride

The book is very well written with rich and engaging three-dimensional characters. Okay admitted, I sherbrookr this MOC with h in love with H and H in love with OW trope, but I’m coming to realise how dangerous it is reading this trope – very few books get it just the way I want it.

Tysen feels it is his duty to visit his new holdings. Alexandra Chambers, youngest daughter of the Duke of Beresford, has loved Douglas Sherbrooke since she was fifteen. Needless to say, Douglas is not pleased. It did my heart proud to see him finally get it right and he only had to realize that he was in love with Alex. I don’t remember being so amused before. Deeply depressed, she rallies with a hasty marriage to Thomas Malcombe, the earl of Lancaster and a brand-new card in the Sherbrooke deck, in the spring ofdespite a very nasty rumor involving a local girl.

This was her first novel in the Bride Trilogy. It was he’ll of a vride story.

Jun 04, Eleanor rated it did not like it. It was probably the sex scenes. It left me very amused, very confused and very troubled. Clicking the cover, or the popup, will take you to an excerpt if there is one. I’m glad I did because after a truly disastrous start, the book, hero and heroine hit their stride and improved. She names herself Rosalind de la Fontaine since she cannot remember who she is. Douglas wanted to marry Alexandra’s beautiful sister.


He certainly does become besotted with the heroine’s I almost DNF’d, but ended up re-reading due to GR friends reviews and dived back in. He must have an heir.

Sherbrooke Brides Series in Order – Catherine Coulter – FictionDB

And so, when called to France for a special assignment, he shernrooke his best friend, Tony, to wed her by proxy. She describes the house shaking with terrifying tremors and a huge black hole she calls the Abyss appearing in the entrance hall. Alexandra is the daughter of an impoverished duke, who catberine secretly loved Douglas since she was Picking up this favorite of mine was exactly what I needed. While I was really looking forward to reading the series, I am now somewhat hesitant, especially since the next brother for Hellion Bride, Ryder does not sound at all likable or responsible, especially with the nonchalance that he keeps on having children out of wedlock.

Coulter writes well and tells a good tale. I was on his side, but she is portrayed as the brlde.

Lyon’s Gate by Catherine Coulter. Jun 16, Mitashi rated it really liked it. But he doesn’t want to court a woman, so he decides to marry the daughter of a duke who is having financial trouble and agrees to pay him, instead of receiving the usual dowry. Ryder Sherbrooke is a fun-loving rake with a secret. Write me and tell me how you liked The Courtship. Some might say that the sex scenes were graphic, but to me they were entertaining and tastefully written.