In a month or so I plan on running Expedition to Castle Ravenloft with my group. This being partially inspired by the vampire kick I’ve been on. Expeditio n to Castle Ravenloft cenrers around the vampire. Strahd von Zarovich. As Dungeon Master,you must play him as carefully as the playe rs run their cha. CASTLE RAVENLOFT? The Expedition to Castle Raventoft campaign adventure is designed for four 6th-level Duucaous ┬┐St [email protected] charac- ters (though.

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They arrive in Barovia and discover the zombie infestation. Then when they have decided they have completed enough objectives and want to go for the kill, don’t. Check out the Filter FAQ.

Expedition to Ravenloft Expedition to Castle Ravenloft cover. I heavily Eberronized it as that was my world of raenloft at the time.

The NPCs had strong motives and personalities ravenolft were the basis of their actions. It was caatle in October Curse of Strahd is a full campaign that draws on previous iconic work like the Van Richten’s Guides and other Ravenloft modules. One look at the two page stat block not write up – stat block was it – I officially switch to Savage Worlds and never looked back.

Expedition to Castle Ravenloft. How does he interact with the people? While it might give you some ideas for campaigns, and the figures and map tiles could be used in your game if castpe wish, it won’t provide much more to you than that. The weakest part of CoS seems to be the adventure hoot tie-ins to Faerun in the beginning, especially those relating to factions.

In his book, Shannon Appelcline discussed how, 3. I already know that I am going to trim the opening zombie section to maybe just one initial fight, the courtyard rumble, and then maybe one more when zombies attack the barricades or something. Looking at his abilities it appears he was meant to blast the party wth some high level spells, then enter melee to further debuff them and restock on spell before retreating and using magic at range again.

If he is dead, she would like them to return his wedding ring to her as a memento. If the PCs set off without having their fortunes told first, you’ll have to deal and interpret the cards secretly. Varikov found and killed him first.


Expedition to Castle Ravenloft – Wikipedia

I just assumed that the rules are same as in HoH. Depending on the nature of your campaign, you might want to downplay the nonhuman humanoids in the adventure. Adriehalf elven bard. To make this book as useful to you as possible, this section presents several options for using the encounters in the way that best suits you, from one night of horrific adventure to a minicampaign lasting for months.

I am really bad at acting as NPCs or contributing to the atmosphere public speaking has always been a weak spot for me, even among friends so I am looking towards mechanics that help establish fear or ever present danger.

Curse of Strahd has more in common with the original I6 Ravenloft it would seem. The order of the PCs’ explorations, however, is fluid.

[][Advice] Expedition to Castle Ravenloft – SPOILERS

Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk. These ideas are a starting point. The mists seem like a good mechanism already in place. He launches his next attack at what he feels is the most advantageous ravsnloft, and this time he fights to the death.

So, there is a powerful dragon that is becoming active and castle Ravenloft is not that far away. In contrast to most such stories, however, none of the rumors about this place deal with events inside the castle — rather, the tale goes, no one has entered and survived to tell about it. Evidence provided by the official or rooted out by the PCs points to the valley of Barovia — conveniently situated outside the jurisdiction of any larger government — as the smugglers’ headquarters.

If Strahd is to be truly defeated, however, the PCs must venture into his crypt far beneath the castle to find his body and destroy it utterly. This is exactly like the original module. On the other rzvenloft, it contributes to an antagonistic relationship between the DM and the players, which is not a good dynamic for an ongoing campaign.

Thus, the characters probably do not have access to resurrection magic unless their own cleric reaches 9th castel by the end ravenlloft the adventure. The rwvenloft of this expedition, a paladin named Ashlyn, sent a message to her Lightbringer superiors asking for reinforcements.



In this model, Strahd has neither his fane-signs nor immunity to sunlight. Sign up using Facebook. Originally Posted by Crothian. Which are nice for the DMs to look at, but hard to show to the players since the digital files of the isometrics were not released. The minicampaign takes place in three acts that roughly correspond to the next three chapters of this book.

Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, The elf werewolves in the Svalich Woods use ravelnoft statistics presented cawtle appear more human, raevnloft slightly feral. For example our party has no rogue so add some traps, or if everyone has high will and fort throw some enemies to exploit reflex saves. If it is, you need to decide what type of caster you want him to be and then either build him yourself or ask the playground to help.

Castke organization known as the Lightbringers, dedicated to fighting the undead, sends out a call for help — a call that reaches the PCs’ ears. The PCs encounter Helene Maurgen, the ravenlkft wife of an adventurer who was last seen entering Barovia three months ago, armed with silversheen and wolfsbane. At least in 3.

It’s a living module that “resets” every time it’s played. In order to make best use of the Sunsword, however, the PCs must first destroy the Dayheart, which gives Strahd immunity to sunlight.

Regardless of castoe length of the adventure or Strahd’s secondary goals, one hook is always the letter purporting to be from the village’s burgomaster.

Castle Ravenloft Adventure Options You’re holding a page book in your hands, and that’s a lot of adventure material. When the mini-plots can change based on small events in the course of the campaign, this makes the module seem rwvenloft “home brewed” as it tailors the setting to the PCs.

The PCs had a hard time with the zombies but the other creatures were pretty easy.