Dystocia is a difficult or prolonged parturition that is a reproductive emergency requiring medical or surgical intervention by a skilled team to minimize perinatal . Dystocia is the medical term used to diagnose a difficult birthing experience. Learn more about Dig Birth Difficulties and treatment at Learn about the veterinary topic of Dystocia in Small Animals. Find specific details on this topic and related topics from the MSD Vet Manual.

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All puppies should be examined for common congenital abnormalities, such as cleft palate, umbilical hernia, and atresia ani. Gaudet 11 found that the puppy mortality rate increased when the dam had been in stage 2 labor for longer than 6 hours before veterinary assistance was sought. Because inhalant anesthetics cross the placenta, their use should be canins before the delivery of the fetuses. This may be accomplished by having the dystociia walk the dam or by the clinician feathering the dam’s dorsal vaginal wall.

The dam should be observed in the early postoperative period and the puppies returned to dsytocia when the dam is sternal and alert. Sampling Techniques in Birds. A single incision is made in the body of the uterus, and all fetuses are manipulated to this incision for extraction.


Canine Dystocia

Postpartum findings in the bitch may include mild fever, transient caninee and diarrhea, and lochial discharge. This potential benefit must be weighed against the need for restraint and potential catecholamine release in the dam.

Palpation of a stuck puppy in the birth canal. Conjunctival Mast Cell Tumours. Abdominal imaging is important in the continued workup and management of the dam.

Good preparation, knowledge of the anatomy, enough assistants and a fast but confident delivery of the fetuses are keypoints. Older primiparous bitches ie, those whelping a litter for the first time are at greater risk.

Canine dystocia–a review of the literature.

Want free access to the 1 publication for diagnostic and treatment information? Otherwise, the uterus is incised at the uterine bifurcation and one fetus after the other is delivered.

En-bloc ovariohysterectomy is an alternative cesarean section technique that rapidly removes the gravid uterus for an assistance team to extract and resuscitate all puppies outside of the operating cabine.

Imaging of Cancer Patients.

Canine Dystocia | Clinician’s Brief

To determine fetal viability, fetal heart rate can be evaluated ultrasonographically. Introduction Dystocia is defined as the inability of the dam dystkcia expel the fetus without assistance through the birth canal.


Opioids can be reversed in affected neonates and provide analgesia to the bitch, which can dysyocia the need for inhalant or other injectable anesthetic drugs. The criteria in see Box. If two applications are not effective, Caesarean section should be initiated.

The Box lists the indications for an immediate cesarean section. Indicators of dystocia are:. TC Turks and Caicos Islands. Initial evaluation of the dam requires an accurate history and thorough physical examination.

Ideally, one resuscitator and all the necessary equipment that may be required should be available for each expected neonate. MD Moldova, Republic of. VI Virgin Islands, U. With ovariohysterectomy, the uterus may be resected en bloc. VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Passwords do not match. The veterinary literature has yet to critically evaluate these indications, and further study in this area may elicit a more precise protocol to improve postoperative outcomes for the caninr and puppies.

Each stage of labor has a predictable group of clinical signs and duration.