Meropa® are proven performance extreme pressure industrial gear oils, formulated with highly Available in ISO VG 68, , , , and grades. ), P (ISO ), P (ISO ), P (ISO ). Meropa XL. Meropa XL is a synthetic blend industrial gear lubricant that provides superior protection and. Texaco Meropa oils deliver value through: Gear set efficiencies — High thermal stability EP system maintains clean gear and bearing surfaces, minimizing.

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Fluid ; Lubricant Material Notes: Texaco Meropa oils have minimal stray mist fog. They will form a high volume of mist droplets for transmission to the point of application.

Good water separation and effective rust inhibitors protect surfaces against rust and corrosion. Texaco Meropa oils can caktex used in industrial applications where overloading, severe operating conditions, high lubricant operating temperatures, or other problems are encountered.

220 150 100 Wholesale Caltex industrial gear oil, Caltex Meropa 220

MatWeb is intended for personal, non-commercial use. Users requiring more precise data for scientific or engineering calculations can click on the property value to see the original value as well as raw conversions to equivalent units. Property Data This page displays only the text of a material data sheet.

The effective corrosion inhibitor provides additional protection for metal components Long oil life — Effective oxidation inhibitors and copper passivator minimize oil oxidation, limiting viscosity increase and extending oil drain intervals. To see MatWeb’s complete data sheet for this material including material property data, metal compositions, material suppliers, etcplease click the button below.


Login to see your most recently viewed materials here. Extended equipment life — Extremely effective EP system forms a protective film in areas of metalto-metal contact, minimizing wear rates and maintaining efficient transfer of power.

Subscribe to Premium Services Searches: Click here to view all the property values for this datasheet as they were originally entered into MatWeb. We also ask that you refer to MatWeb’s terms of use regarding this information. Please contact us at msropa matweb. The contents, results, and technical data from this site may valtex be reproduced either electronically, photographically or substantively without permission from MatWeb, LLC.

High oxidation stability limits in-service viscosity increases, which lead to energy losses.

ChevronTexaco Meropa®

We appreciate your input. High thermal stability additive system reduces the formation of high temperature compounds which can be corrosive to bearing csltex. Texaco Meropa oils are high performance, multipurpose gear lubricants designed for industrial gear lubrication services where loads and shock loadings are high.

Minor variations which do not affect product performance are to be calltex in normal manufacturing. Or if you don’t have an account with us yet, then click here to register.


Caltex gear oil Meropa 68 100 150 220 320 460 680 Industrial Gear Oil 18La

Gear set efficiencies — High thermal stability EP system maintains clean gear and bearing surfaces, minimizing deposits which interfere with effective lubrication.

Texaco Meropa meet the requirements of: Questions or comments about MatWeb? Texaco Meropa oils deliver value through: For caktex wishing to extend drain intervals and further reduce gear wear, and where water contamination is minimal, Texaco Meropa oils are recommended. When used in misting systems, Texaco Meropa provides excellent oxidation stability to prevent oil mist deposits. Typical test data are average values only.

Data sheets for overmetals, plastics, ceramics, and composites.

Texaco Meropa oils are recommended for: All industrial enclosed gearing and wherever an AGMA extreme pressure lubricant is specified All mist oil application systems General industrial plant lubrication where the performance properties of this type of lubricant are required.

Please read our License Agreement regarding materials data and our Privacy Policy. We advise that you only use the original value or one of its raw conversions in your calculations megopa minimize rounding error.