The CF Development Kit is intended as a development platform for the Refer to the CF93x-CF92x data sheet for the differences between. Explore the latest datasheets, compare past datasheet revisions, and confirm part lifecycle. Buy SILICON LABS CFGQ online at Newark element Buy your Technical Datasheet: CFGQ Datasheet. See all Technical Docs. X. X.

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Single/Dual Battery, 0.9–3.6 V, 64/32 KB, SmaRTClock, 10-Bit ADC MCU

Given its relatively small size, this bugger generates an ear piercing sound of dB at cm with a drive voltage fatasheet 12V. See Figure 9 below.

Right-click on the group name and choose Add file to group. This project uses a C microcontroller development kit, an accelerometer evaluation board, and Simplicity Studio IDE—all from Silicon Labs—to rather quickly and easily build a motion-detecting alarm system.

The four text entry boxes on the left hand side of the form allow the user to specify the d8051f930 of time the system spends in each power mode The header J6 provides access to the ground plane for easy clipping of oscilloscope probes.


CFTB datasheet and specification datasheet. Below are some suggestions for reducing the active supply current: Bonding Instructions Table 3. On the Project Configuration screen, leave everything as is see Figure 9 below then click Finish. Download datasheet 2Mb Share this page. J2[8] and H1[2] connectors.

Figure 10 below is a screen shot of said analyzer with datassheet correct configuration. Application examples described herein are for illustrative purposes only. Keil is a registered trademark of ARM Limited. A In External Clock Input. Continue adding files until all project files have been added.

BT4 Battery Holder for 1. All other products or brand names mentioned herein are trademarks of their respective holders. Available for Windows, Dataseet and Linux! Factory Defaults 14 P User guide Quick-start guide CF datasheet Note: Code is generated through the c051f930 of dialog boxes for each of the device’s peripherals.

Silicon Laboratories shall have no liability for the consequences datasheeh use of the information supplied herein. However, instead of referencing “Clock Phase” and “Clock Polarity”—which seems to be the norm see section After you run the code, lightly tapping the accelerometer evaluation board or the breadboard should sound the alarm and turn on the two LED flood lights.

This alarm has its own internally driven circuitry and operates from 5V to 15V, which is perfect for this project because we have 12V readily available. Keil Development Tools macro assembler, linker, evaluation C compiler. Figure 7 below depicts the connections between the various components. Refer to the CF93x- CF92x data sheet for more information on the use of external oscillators.


Prev Next CF D. Wafer Storage Guidelines It is necessary to conform to appropriate wafer storage practices to avoid product degradation or contamination.

CFGM 8-bit Microcontroller – Silicon Labs

Once you have completed the configuration changes to the microcontroller, you’ll have to add datassheet the code to correctly configure the accelerometer. Quote of the day. Additional outputs include estimated battery capacity, average current, self-discharge current, and the ability c8051ff930 export graph data to a comma delimited text file for plotting in an external graphing application.

Source code examples and register definition files. To create a new profile: Copy your embed code and put on your site: Trademark Information Silicon Laboratories Inc.