the Zenza Bronica GS-1 single lens reflex camera and converts the GS-1 into a TTL (thru-the-lens) aperture-priority automatic exposure (AE) camera, powered. View and Download Zenza Bronica GS-1 owner’s manual online. GS-1 Digital Camera pdf manual download. Although instructions following are based on the GS-1 camera main body, the the Zenza Bronica GS-1, may we suggest that you read this instruction manual.

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Bronica GS-1 – – The free camera encyclopedia

Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. The shutter release button may be depressed accidentally while the main camera body is being carried in a bag, which could lead to discharge of battery power. When I press the shutter button, nothing happens. Fast operations are very easy with built-in shutter button and hot shoe, switching from single frame shooting gs1- continuous shooting is possible, as well as incorporating a hand strap for single-hand operations.

The micro-prism ring surrounding the central spot can also be used for checking the sharpness of the focused image, since the image will glitter when the lens is not focused.

Zenza Bronica GS-1 Owner’s Manual

This will help you keep track of the film loaded in the film back, even when two or more film backs are used with different films. The film back frame completely encloses the film holder and shields it from outside light, as well as connecting it to the main body and also coupling with finders with built-in expo- sure meters.

Intermediate shutter speed broinca are possible for both diaphragm-priority and shutter-priority adjustments. The GS-1 provides the professional user with a lightweight and compact 6 x 7 format single lens reflex of Clean the camera and lens very carefully after using it outdoors in wet weather or bronnica the seashore.


Fs-1, keep such batteries in an inside pocket. Upon attaching the film back, always pull out the dark slide from its slit.

The shutter will be released when the shutter release button or cable release is depressed. The OP’s been pretty thorough, as has everyone posting, but I figured it was worth asking explicitly in that 0. Shutter will be released, or 2. Instructions are based on the waistlevel finder because of its popularity. The film holder can be taken out for film loading upon opening the back cover.

In general, more exposure rather than less seems to be a safe guide. The mount is stainless steel, while the front, left and right body covers are made of reinforced plastic. When Mounting Bracket is used. Brlnica and Removal of Film Backs. This feature is very convenient for familiarizing yourself with the camera and for testing the shut- ter in flash photography.

Open the back cover when winding action becomes very light. Lens is not attached properly. The red-colored line, next to the orange-colored distance index, is the infrared index. I’d like to start using it again. The manual film winder can continue to rotate, even when the film is set for the first exposure.

Bronica GS-1 Speed Grip G instruction manual, user manual, PDF manual, free manuals

Depth Of Field Tables Mind you, the OP says Following the manual, I load the film back and attach to the camera. The depth of field scale is next to the distance scales and is made up of identical pairs of apertures on both sides of the orange-colored distance index.

Distance scales on the Zenzanon PS lenses can be used for focusing at the required distance or finding btonica distance actually focused. It should be remembered when taking pictures that the final print may not be a square format, especially brojica printed to an ideal format size, and will be cropped on both sides or at the top and bottom.


Then, using a manal or similar tool, lift up the screen with the protrusion at the rear end. Although instructions following are based on a standard combination consisting of the SQAi main camera body with standard Zenzanon-PS 80mm F2. To store the magnifier, simply push it down until it catches.

Care Of The Zenza Bronica However, it is difficult to shoot vertical pictures with the waist level finder. Stroking the release button halfway illuminates the shutter speed, mnaual digits and dots, etc. Yeah, I read it.

I think that should override the interlocks and let you fire the camera, if everything else is working fine. Meter-coupled manual exposure control is also possible. And the slide the film-winding crank assembly in the arrow-indicated direction.

At the same time, set the film speed with the film speed dial, when using finders with a built-in exposure meter. In the latter case, return the multiple exposure lever to an upright or vertical position. SEIKO 0, 16 sec. When detaching the flash cord, grip the plug firmly and pull it out straight, instead of using a twisting action.

Clean the plastic focusing screen in the same manner. To attach the finder, align the front end of the finder with the front end of the finder frame on top of the main body, as shown. The exposure counter will also change from “S” to “1”, while the shutter will also be cocked.