Green for Life has ratings and reviews. Sarah said: I like green smoothies. They are indeed tasty as this book states and definitely a health b. Green for life / by Victoria Boutenko ; foreword by. A. William Menzin. p. cm. eISBN: 1. Nutrition. 2. Raw foods. 3. Smoothies (Beverages). 4. Green for Life details the immense health benefits of greens and suggests smoothies as an easy way to consume them in sufficient quantities.

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This book is full of poor writing coupled with wild assertions and hackneyed personal “research”. No trivia or quizzes yet. Warning–side effects of regular green smoothie consumption include: If you’re trying to eat more healthy and are new to green smoothies, this book has foe lot to offer if you can ignore some of the craziness.

Green for Life

We are evolved to need fo more protein and fat and to need animal products. This makes the drink very palatable. The only redeeming attribute of this book is the recipes at the back.

Full of pseudo-science nonsense. What I was hoping to get was a more complete or comprehensive picture – she gives some recipes, and to my surprise, lettuce plays a huge part as a primary green grreen most of her recipes, with a huge selection of fruits to complete the picture. Look on the internet for green smoothie recipes. Victoria developed a series of greens In search of the perfect human diet, Victoria Ljfe compares the standard American diet with the diet of wild chimpanzees.

Good material Much needed information on nutrition! It gresn a very good story about Victoria and her family, and the journey to health which arrives her at Green Smoothies, and I am most definitely going to try the Green Smoothies.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Quotes from Green for Life.


I’m hooked on these green smoothies. They are indeed tasty as this book states and definitely a health benefit.

Open Preview See a Problem? I wanted to read The Green Liffe Revolutionbecause that’s what I think it will be, but there were no copies available through my library. She makes statements, as another reviewer noted, like her mother that had cancer in which she att First off, everyone considering reading this book should know that Mrs. Dec 21, Geoffrey Kleinman rated it liked it Recommends it for: We have evolved in different ways to chimps and have different digestive systems and so on.

There are great recipes and fun stats in this book. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko

I’m turning into such a weirdo raw food geek. Dec 16, Academic Eric rated it really liked it Shelves: She ten I like green smoothies. What is healthy for a chimp is NOT what is healthy for a human! Aug 28, allison rated it liked it Shelves: I hope the very extreme vegan diet the author follows doesn’t catch on in the same way.

Finding out how much protein is in various greens was an exciting discovery for me–a gardener who planted way too many greens this summer and wound up letting most of them ruin.

She talks about stomach acid and speaks in terms of high pH acids.

Take some of her claims with a grain of salt. Refresh and try again.

She makes statements, as another reviewer noted, like her mother that had cancer in which she attributed to swimming in a river near Chernobyl could have been ggreen with green smoothies. Feb 16, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: In the smoothy drinkable form, greens serve as: Mar 09, Chandra rated it really liked it.

Having said all that, the amount of research she has done is incredible and impressive.

For those who have or can procu I once got pleasantly, energetically “high” drinking about a quarter of a cup of some beautiful emerald-colored parsley juice, so I am definitely open to Boutenko’s claims that green smoothies can help us feel much better.


Feb 18, WWG rated it really liked it. I wouldn’t try curing cancer with green smoothies, but maybe in conjunction with eating more healthily and exercising, you’ll be less likely to get ill. Her enthusiasm shines through, which is nice.

For those who have or can procure a Vitamix, here are my thoughts on “Green for Life”: But this book is not good. Bottoms up to green drinks! Plus, these green smoothies make the most delicious, convenient, easy, and highly energizing meal. I realise that if I wrote up my own diet here, or just about any of us did, it would be very easy to criticise by each of those groups with different beliefs, but this really was an extreme diet plan that goes against a lot of good science and really isn’t ideal or healthy or even safe for lots of us, at the very least.

Definitely inspired me to try out green smoothies. It does a good job explaining everything you need to know about greens and why greens are absorbed better by your body when blended. Its author, Victoria Boutenko, is extremely enthusiastic about greens and has done her homework.

I’m sold on the idea of green smoothies but unfortunately Mrs. I like her guiding hypothesis that the healthiest lifestyle is the most natural. What she has done here in terms of her Rosebug study is commendable, and the information about why you should incorporate green smoothies in your diet is tremendous. She is a raw foodist and a bit eccentric ie. If people come away from this book determined to add more greens to their diet then that is wonderful.