The Authoritarians [Bob Altemeyer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Authoritarians summarizes the research of Dr. Robert Altemeyer. Click here to order a printed, bound copy of The Authoritarians from for $ plus shipping. Bob Altemeyer has a new book out, Sex and Youth $ Robert Anthony “Bob” Altemeyer (born 6 June ) is a retired Professor of Psychology at the University of Manitoba. He produced the test and scale for ” RWA” or right-wing authoritarianism.

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Instead they put it in a box and isolate it from the rest of their thinking, which proceeds as if the truth never existed.

They also hold firmly to preconceived notions and beliefs, refusing to re-evaluate their position even when presented with evidence to the contrary.

One possible outcome is that such wars help to bring about the end of such regimes both because wars are costly, and because the result of such wars must surely be to kill off the followers who gleefully march into the line of fire.

This book carries on the tradition and I, for one, find it offensive. He discusses the typical characteristics that such persons have, as well as how damaging a tie-up between such persons would be. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. It is all too prophe A remarkable study.

They strongly support tough criminal penalties for crimes and activities of which they disapprove, but are forgiving when these acts are committed in support of a cherished belief.

Here, he uses a third score, which he calls Social Dominance.

Altemeyer on Trump’s Supporters | John Dean | Verdict | Legal Analysis and Commentary from Justia

We all need to understand these people better. Correlation is not causation. Put all this together and you get an idea how hard it will be to change their minds about Donald Trump. Authoritxrians there are the small percentage of altemeyre who combine the worst traits of both the authority-dependent followers and the social dominants: Half of the last chapter of The Authoritarians is about the Milgram Experimentwhich is one of the most famous psychological experiments and also show how incredibly easy it is for the average person to fall back on familiar behavior patterns–“obey authority figures,” say–instead of really reasoning things out in some atuhoritarians of impartial cost-benefit analysis or in the spirit of universal compassion.


During his sole press conference as president-elect, on January 11, Donald Trump seemed to promise more favorable treatment for states that had voted for him in the election. Trying to understand the people aktemeyer support the rise of alt-right and ignore the scandals and alliances of it’s leaders?

Regardless, this co-dependent symbiosis can pretty much become a toxic stew: Bob Altemeyer saw Donald Trump coming. The Debt Ceiling Debacle of last year is a good example. Nothing else, so far as I know, correlates so highly with left-wing versus right-wing politics, anywhere. Naturally all this sounds terrifying.

It is autboritarians just Trump when Trump goes away authoritarians will remain behind ready to throw up a new demogogue who sings their song maybe one slicker than Trump and then the real fun begins. The answer is, apparently, neither.

But the mandate, as Altemeyer noted with Bush, doesn’t matter to a Double High elected leader. Postscript on the Election PDF. It should be noted that the above characterization, while unflattering, is not mere opinion. But it’s still distressing, especially when the personality test for authoritarian followers helpfully shows that these people have sorted themselves overwhelmingly into the current Republican party.

This was especially prevalent in Dean’s book Conservatives Without Conscience which references Altemeyer’s research to critique the Republican Party.

Bob Altemeyer

These are the people Trump was talking about when he famously bragged that he could shoot somebody in broad daylight on Fifth Avenue and it would make no difference to his backers. I wish the author had spent more time discussing effective ways to counteract this mindset, or at least mitigate its effect on our world today. Altemeyer then goes on to examine the other side of the question: Essential reading in the age of Trump. Without going too deep into the weeds, let me note a few of these people authorotarians high on testing that shows they not only can be devoted followers of authoritarian leaders, the so-called social dominators like Trump who want to be in charge, authoritariane they also test high as social dominators themselves.


Fundamentalism would be jus I believe this book is one of authkritarians most import things I have tbe in a very log time. For example, Al This book is nothing less than spectacular. Not dry at all. Even if one dismisses his conclusions the data still stands and requires some explanation.

The Authoritarians

He quotes studies carried out by Russian researchers which show very similar belief patterns among old hardline followers of Marxist-Leninism.

Sharks live in the sea. On the other hand, he’s been doing this work for a long time and published an impressive number of books and scholarly articles. View all 6 comments. I scored almost the absolute minimum for non-authoritarianism, which I’m sure would not surprise my long-suffering parents, Catholic school teachers, or the above-mentioned boss any.

This isn’t about “right vs left” or “conservative vs. We have also met the leaders of lies and can see how different and fake they are. They have highly compartmentalized minds. If the problems I mentioned above wouldn’t bother you, then you should absolutely read it.

It investigated and quantifies the phenomena we have been witnessing for years, the rise altemeger authoritarianism in the US. Found that I’m not the only one seeing it: Alttemeyer the surface, you’d think that it was liberal catnip. It’s a really interesting look at a segment of humanity that seems to be gaining an awful lot of influence in the world lately. Trivia About The Authoritarians.

It’d be interesting to see an addendum following the first Obama term, as alttemeyer anything the Tea Party and Co. This was one of the most influential books I have read in a long time.

However, his son Rob is a New Democratic legislator in the provincial assembly. They particularly had trouble figuring out that an inference or deduction was wrong.