In this getAbstract summary, you will learn: What a “chaordic” organization is; How to create one; Why purpose – not profit – must drive the development of. This is the story of how VISA International was conceived, founded and established. It challenges the ideas and radical philosophy about the nature of the world. This is one of Dee Hock’s favourite tricks to play on an audience. “How many of you recognize this?” he asks, holding out his own Visa card.

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Competition gone mad results in the mindless pursuit of self-interest, abuse of others, retaliation, accelerating anarchy, and eventual chaos. Information in the form of DNA is endlessly replicated at no cost and distributed in seeds.

Birth of the Chaordic Age : Dee W. Hock :

Fasten your seat belts, the turbulence has scarcely begun. It dissolves old boundaries and creates the conditions for new patterns of relationships to emerge.

Dee Hock explains the border between order and chaos and how searching for principles from that intersection led him to define VISA and the modern credit card. Schools are highly cooperative endeavors within which scholars vigorously compete.

Justin Love rated it really liked it Feb 21, We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book.

Dozens virth to take their place. It requires only ordinary caring people. Each has passionate messiahs to preach its virtue. Redefine the concepts of banks, money and credit cards.

No trivia or quizzes yet. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Let’s follow that capacity with respect birht our species. As the runners leap from the blocks, competition and cooperation are occurring in a single, indistinguishable blur. This book is similar to Dee Hock’s other book “One from Many”. It will require a huge increase in wisdom, spirituality and imagination. The possibilities are profound.

We don’t begin to understand the significance of all this, let alone the societal change unleashed or the institutional change it demands. Part spiritual memoire, part management manual, part cookbook for the application of chaos theory in creating effective organizations.


We threw them out, telling them not a single piece of IBM equipment would come through our doors in the future, not even a typewriter. One need only remember that a few decades ago the atomic bomb was scarcely a theory, travel to the moon a fantasy, television the dream of a few odd engineers, a plastic card for the global exchange of value unthinkable and genetic engineering securely locked up in the secrets of DNA.

Nature does it all with chaordic organization-a complex, diverse flow of information that chaordically mobilizes physical materials into both animate and inanimate forms. From bacteria, to bees, to bats, to birds, to buffalo, right on through to baseball players. Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook.

Birth of the Chaordic Age

The most important chaotic principles are found in the middle of the book, as Dee develops Visa into what it became. Home Contact Gae Help Free delivery worldwide. Someone grabbed an unwashed coffee cup and suspended it on a long piece of string pinned to the current date. This book reads like a novel and we wind up cheering him on!

To ask other readers questions off Birth of the Chaordic Ageplease sign up. Oct 13, Jud Valeski rated it it was amazing. It holds true from neutrino, to nucleus, to atom, to amino acids, to proteins, to molecules, to cells, to organs, to organisms. Within a few decades, we will look on our present methods og manufacturing, transportation, finance and organization as quaint relics of an archaic Industrial Age.

He credits the worldwide success of VISA with its chaordic structure — it is owned by its member banks which both com In Birth of the Chaordic Age, Dee Hock argues that traditional organizational forms can no fo work because organizations have become too complex.

A Lamb and the Lion of Life. As each task was completed, its scrap of paper would be removed. And when they do, the chaoordic change their behavior in response.

Suddenly, with the revolution in microelectronic technology, in less than 20 short years, we have on the order of a thousand times better algorithms,times more computing capacity per individual and million times more mobility of information. Birt began to tail off by the end, but his writing and explanations are fantastic.


Book Excerpt: Birth of the Chaordic Age – Computerworld

IBM, then the infallible behemoth of the computer industry, was the supplier of computers to 80 percent of our members. Selected pages Title Page. Not information from the common misperception of alphanumeric data, but from Gregory Bateson’s [an English-born anthropologist and educator] perspective that “information is a difference that makes a difference. The Coming Era of Nanotechnology, K.

They could see how the whole depended on their work, and how their work was connected to every other part of the effort. The following months were among the most exciting in the history of the company.

If we fail at this task, the alternative is one no caring person should wish to contemplatesocial carnage and environmental devastation beyond imagining. Not the chance of a snowball in that proverbial hot place. It is also the life story of Dee Hock, a maverick banker who put his own wild ideas into practice to create something the likes of which the world had never seen.

The Dirty Coffee Cup System became legendary-a metaphor for the company for years to come. All known and recorded information, the entire collective memory of the species, will soon be no more than a few keystrokes away. Properly recognize, reward, and stay out of their way. He led VISA in pioneering a new model for organizing and growing organizations. In answer to the question, “What could we build with these atom-stacking mechanisms?

Every day, every scrap of paper that fell behind the grimy string would find an eager group of volunteers to undertake the work required to remove it. Life simply cannot exist, let alone reach its highest potential, without harmonious existence of competition and cooperation. Over the centuries, we have ascended a ladder of diversity and complexity.