Technical Seminar on Bi-cmos Technology. In BiCMOS technology, both the MOS and bipolar device are fabricated on the same chip. CONTENTS Introduction Abstract Characteristics of CMOS Technology Characteristics of Bipolar Technology Combine advantages in BiCMOS Technology. Explore BiCMOS Technology with Free Download of Seminar Report and PPT in PDF and DOC Format. Also Explore the Seminar Topics.

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Download your Full Reports for Bicmos Technology.

The p -buried layer improves the packing density, because the collector-collector spacing of the bipolar devices can be reduced. It comes at the expense of an increased collector-substrate capacitance. Q 2 acts as an emitter-follower, so that Vout rises to VDD?

This leads to a steady-state leakage current and power consumption. We first discuss the gate in general and then provide a more detailed discussion of the steady-state and transient characteristics, and the power consumption. A system that requires power-supply voltages greater than 3.

The analog section of these chips includes wideband amplifiers, filters, phase locked loops, analog-to-digital converters, digital-to-analog converters, operational amplifiers, current references, and voltage references. Though additional process steps may be needed for the resistors, it may be possible to alternatively use the diffusions steps, such as the N and P implants that make up the drains and sources of the MOS devices.

This technology opens a wealth of new opportunities, because it is now possible to combine the high-density integration of MOS logic with the current-driving capabilities of bipolar transistors.

This, in turn, reduces system size and cost and improves reliability by requiring fewer components to be mounted on a PC board. Then bicmls to us immediately to get the full report. Added process steps may be required to achieve characteristics for resistors and capacitors suitable for high-performance analog circuits. Consider for instance the circuit of Figure 0.


Bicmos Technology Full Seminar Report, abstract and Presentation download

The shortcomings of these elements as resistors, as can the poly silicon gate used as part of the CMOS devices. Digital processors also allow tuning of analog blocks, such as centering filter-cutoff frequencies. Discussing one is sufficient to illustrate the basic concept and properties of the gate. A low Vinon the other hand, causes M 2 and Q 2 to turn on, while M 1 and Q 1 are in the offstate, resulting in a high output level.

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Many of these systems take advantage of the digital processors in an Bifmos chip to auto-calibrate the analog section of the chip, including canceling de offsets and reducing linearity errors within data converters. These steps create linear capacitors with low levels of parasitic capacitance coupling to other parts of the IC, such as the substrate.

Built-in self-test functions of the analog block are also possible through the use of on-chip digital processors.

The output voltage of VDD? Analog or mixed-signal SOC integration is inappropriate for designs that will allow low production volume and low margins. To turn off Q 1, its base charge has to be removed. The resulting current spike can be large and has technologu detrimental effect on both the power consumption and the supply noise. Latest Seminar Topics for Engineering Students. Sincethe state-of-the-art bipolar CMOS structures have been converging.

Some of these schemes will be discussed later. Examples of analog or mixed-signal SOC devices include analog modems; broadband wired digital communication chips, such as DSL and cable modems; Wireless telephone chips that combine voice band codes with base band modulation and demodulation function; and ICs that function as the complete read channel for disc drives. Large-scale microcomputer systems with integrated peripherals, the complete digital processor of cellular phone, and the switching system for a wire-line data-communication system are some of the many applications of digital SOC systems.

Speed is the only restricting factor, especially when large capacitors must be driven. However, this is achieved at a price. In the BiCMOS structure, the input stage and the phase-splitter are implemented in MOS, which results in a better performance and higher input impedance.


The history of semiconductor devices starts in ‘s when Lienfed and Heil first proposed the mosfet. Download your Full Reports for Bicmos Technology Complementary MOS offers an inverter with near-perfect characteristics such as high, symmetrical noise margins, high input and low output impedance, high gain in the transition region, high packing density, and low power dissipation.

BICMOS Technology Seminar PPT and PDF Report

Because the process step required for both CMOS and bipolar are similar, these steps cane techjology shared for both of them. Driving PC board traces consume significant power, both in overcoming the larger capacitances on the PC board and through larger signal swings to overcome signal cross talk and noise on the PC board.

Over technlogy last decade, the integration of analog circuit blocks is an increasingly common feature of SOC development, motivated by the desire to shrink the number of chips and technolgoy on a PC board. The result is a low output voltage. Are you interested in this topic.

Its resistivity is chosen so that it can support both devices. Before a high-performance analog system can be integrated on a digital chip, the analog circuit blocks must have available critical passive components, such as resistors and capacitors.

Are you interested in any one of this Seminar, Project Topics. An attentive reader may notice the similarity between this structure and the TTL gate, described in the addendum on bipolar design. Complementary MOS offers an inverter with near-perfect characteristics such as high, symmetrical noise margins, high input and low output impedance, high gain in the transition region, high packing density, and techno,ogy power dissipation.