Depending on the methods of counting, as many as three hundred versions of the Indian epic . Unmatta-raghava of Bhaskara written around 14th century. The Kannassa Ramayanam written by Niranam Rama Panicker in the 16th century. Ramayana is an ancient Indian epic poem which narrates the struggle of the divine prince . 14th century), Krittibas Ojha’s Krittivasi Ramayan (also known as Shri Rama Panchali) in Bengali (c. 15th century), Sarala Das’ Vilanka Ramayana (c. Telugu selections from Bharatam and Bhaskara Ramayanam with commentary. Front Cover. Pi. Vi Sōmayāji. K. Subrahmanyam, – 70 pages.

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Hanuman then wreaks havoc in Lanka by destroying trees and buildings and bhaskaraa Ravana’s warriors. Retrieved Aug 3, The bas-reliefs of Ramayana and Krishnayana scenes are carved on balustrades of the 9th century Prambanan temple in Yogyakarta [21]as well as in the 14th century Penataran temple in East Java [22].

Sumitra’s son was Narayana: In Guru Granth Sahibthere is a description of two types of Ramayana.

Presenting the Famous Versions of Ramayana! | People |

Below are a few of the most prominent Sanskrit versions of the Ramayana. Jaini traces the origin of this list of brothers to the jinacharitra lives of jinas by Acharya Bhadrabahu 3d—4th century BCE.

US animation artist Nina Paley retold the Ramayana from Sita’s point of view with a secondary story about Paley’s own marriage in the animated musical Sita Bhaskata the Blues.


Sita calls upon the Earth, her motherto receive her and as the ground opens, she vanishes into it. Cultural History of Reading: In addition, Ramesh Menon wrote a single-volume edition of the Ramayana, which has received praise from scholars. Also, in the epic Mahabharata, there is a version of Ramayana known as Ramopakhyana.

But they too were caught in the noose of death Kaal transmigration of the soul. Kamba Ramayanam — Kamban. Hanuman reassures Sita, giving Rama’s signet ring as a sign of good faith.

Rama in Jainism and Salakapurusa. Rama, Lakshmana and Ravana are the eighth baladevavasudeva and prativasudeva respectively. Rama and Lakshmana receive instructions and supernatural weapons from Vishwamitra and proceed to destroy the demons. There have bhaskarq many attempts to unravel the epic’s historical growth and compositional layers; various recent scholars’ estimates for the earliest stage of the text range from the 7th to 4th centuries BCE, with later ramayanamm extending up to the 3rd century CE.

With the coast finally clear, Ravana appears in bhqskara guise of an ascetic requesting Sita’s hospitality. There are many regional versions of Ramyanam, only few of which are rich in literature and gained the appraisal ramayanxm common people to a large extent are mentioned here. The popular Indian author R. Most Hindus still believe they are integral parts of the book, in spite of some style differences and narrative contradictions between these two volumes and the rest of the book.


Thailand’s popular national epic Ramakien Thai: In Septemberthe first issue of Ramayan A. Lakshmana stops her by cutting off her nose and ears. It is claimed to be the most popular retelling of the epic currently.

Presenting the Famous Versions of Ramayana!

He was childless for a long time and anxious to produce an heir, so he performs a fire sacrifice known as putra-kameshti yagya. Ultimately, he attains Kevala Jnana omniscience and finally liberation.

Dasharatha, the king of Saketa had four queens: Great book of classic Telugu literature. Visit our Help Pages.

Bharata refuses to profit from his mother’s wicked scheming and visits Rama in the forest. Hanuman rescues Rama and Lakshmana after they are kidnapped by the Ahi-Mahi Ravana at the behest of Ravana and held prisoner in a subterranean cave, to be sacrificed to the goddess Kali.

Uttara Kanda concerns bhaskqra final years of Rama, Sita and Rama’s brothers.

An Indian animated film called Ramayana: Dutt, Romesh Chunder The Epic was released in October Authority and meaning in Indian religions: Following the success of Ashok Banker ‘s Ramayana Series retellings, a graphic novel adaptation was released in