Readers’ questions about Beyindeki Hayaletler – İnsan Zihninin Gizemlerine Doğru. 1 question answered. Beyindeki Hayaletler by V. S. Ramachandran, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Buy Öykücü Beyin: Beyindeki Hayaletler’in Yazarı Bir Nöroloğun Bizi İnsan Kılanın Ne Olduğuna Dair Arayışı by V. S Ramachandran, Ayşe Cankız Çevik ( ISBN.

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Arama – Beyindeki Hayaletler

The filling by the brain can compensate even big loses in beyundeki schatomaand it does it very well that it takes effort to notice it e. Haldane God must love beetles. Makes speculations on evolutionary psychology.

This book is great. I enjoyed this book, especially the descriptions of the ingenious experiments put forward by Ramachandran. I found this very interesting This book, written by neurologist V. This shows the role of vision in giving this illusory feeling. After getting out of denial, patients become amnesiac about their betindeki and claim they had always told the truth.

From a scientific perspective, I view Dr. In fact, he uses this example to explain how people experience God.

Patient after an accident who though his parents were duplicate imposters. Also Oliver Sacks, Steven J. Mirror experiment; very strange result, she tried to grap the object from behind the mirror. When I finally did pick it up, Beyindekl stayed up all night until it was finished.

Also very good is the middle portion of the book, when he expands his survey to related neurological problems, including temporal lobe epilepsy which seems to put some patients into direct rapport with God and anosognosia where the patient refuses to recognize a part of the body is paralyzed.

Very interesting read about various neurological disorders. The stories of people who have suffered varous brain injuries and their trange behavior are amazing. People with amnesia would forget the person and retain the eomtional memory of him.


I don’t see thinking as going anywhere so much as just a way of going. Motor cortex and supplementary motor area for more complex movements such as doing good bye sign. Quotes from Beyindeki Hayalet If you are a non-scientist interested in learning about neurology, I recommend this book. What is the significance of this? Explains how some genius traits are not associated with general intelligence.

Perhaps deep conclusions about how human cognition works, perhaps some pieces of the map to our intellectual coastlines, but what I mostly got was all sorts of neurological patient curiosities with little value for me. They compete when limb amputation happens it disturbs the equilibrium in behindeki of the genetic body image.

So I guess that means I’d say the book is interesting, good for scientific theory on how the mind works, and uayaletler worthwhile read. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. She was practically blind, but had unconscious vision. I’ve read a lot of Oliver Sacks before so I wanted to try one of his contemporaries.

In other situations Arthur had normal emotional life i.

Only observations recorded and no experiments done. Other topics too that show how our brain works in what Rama calls “experimental epistemology”. But overall, a very interesting read, made hayaeltler by frequent diagrams and Ramachandran’s engaging prose style. It isn’t, both play part in us and cannot be separated.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. She is otherwise very smart, sane and knows what happened to her. Wants to link this to nature vs nurture debate – are body maps in brain fixed by gene or do they change with experience [says the debate is still open.


Describes parts of the brain. He duplicated things, including Panama the countryhis hair thought it a wig and even himself thought he was not the real Arthur.

This was more implied than explicit, but still intrigued me. Also very good is the middle portion of the book, when he expands his survey to related neurological problems, including temporal lobe epilepsy which seems to put some patients into dire A solid set of neurology case-studies, in the tradition of Oliver Sacks. Return to Book Page.

The book explores how the brain is involved in our perception of body and health. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This non-fiction book is written by a neuroscientist about the quirky and interesting things we can learn from abnormal brain function.

Beyindeki Hayaletler – İnsan Zihninin Gizemlerine Doğru

Is the pain due to brain giving orders to clinch more and more as there is no negative feedback from properioception or skin surface since the limb is amputated? A quote which I think sums up Ramachandran’s view of the brain well: In science, this can unfortunately lead to erroneous conclusions, and I remember feeling that he strayed a little far our in his conjectures a couple times in this book.

This is what he calls qualia. He recognized his parents on phone, but not upon seeing him. This teaches us that our brains have special emotional reaction by which we recognize the close people to us.