Bewitching [Jill Barnett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Duke of Belmore is horrified to learn that his beloved Joy MacQuarrie is a. What’s a duke to do when a carefully selected bride rejects him rather than marry without love? He salvages his pride by marrying the next woman who falls into. Read Bewitching by Jill Barnett by Jill Barnett by Jill Barnett for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android.

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Bewitching – Jill Barnett

So, love wins in the end and that made me a happy reader. Barneft marries a stranger and then is shocked by his reaction to her being a witch.

I liked the story and the romance. Jun 25, Megan B rated it did not like it Shelves: Neil Herndon, Viscount Seymour, also finds the love jipl his life in this book.

Joy MacQuarrie, one-quarter Scottish witch, feels there is something missing from her life. Due to these things, I debated on a 3 or 4 and settled on 4 in the end. Available now in e-book Imagine After years in prison for a murder he never committed, escaped convict Hank Wyatt knew how to survive. Instead, her character is ingenuous and sweetly innocent. It’s not a common occurrence in Regency England that a powerful and cold peer of the realm finds himself with a witch just fallen into his arms, but it’s exactly what happens to the Duke of Belmore on one fateful winter day.


Joy is literally some woman who falls out of the sky into Alec’s arms they get married and weird things start happening to them. If Joy was my friend I would tell her to get a back bone and tell Alec to get over his pig headed ways.

But when he dismissed her affections, she was determined to fight for him Surrounded by the enchanted mists that circle Camrose Castle, the two find themselves involved in an often hilarious battle of wills and passion. This could have been a modern day emotionally abusive relationship and is disguised as a 18th century love story in Bewitching. Is that a common phrase elsewhere, cause I’m not aware of pigs having whiskers. As with most romances, there are the necessary ups and downs of the relationship and the author’s use of ‘magic spells’ is quite novel.


Now, looking out for number one doesn’t seem to be enough After several painful tries you would hope she stops, but no. Spanning thirty years and three generations of Peyton women and Banning men, The Days of Summer is an epic drama that explores our deepest ties to family, the mistakes we make in the name of love, and is a reminder of our ability to hope, to forgive and to find the courage to change.

Aug 24, Judi Fennell rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Yet before Lollie’s dreamed-of meeting could take place, the lovely Southern belle was caught in the crossfire of a violent revolution — and thrown into the rugged arms of Sam Forester.

Jimmy Peyton is a rising star in the music business, a young man with a bright future and no connection to the Bannings, until the fateful night their cars collide on a Los Angeles street, changing the lives and future of two innocent families. What a shame, because this narrator has a voice I could listen to for hours on end with pleasure.

Joy is intensely child like and annoying. Well, in Jill Barnett’s imagination you get a lot of love, laughter and magic. Aug 31, Sha Mslvoe rated it it was amazing Shelves: From the moment Alec and Joy collide on the forest floor, they feel an irresistible attraction for each other.

Alec was a character that i enjoyed especially as he developed throughout the book. It’s a witty and occasionally downright funny love story.

Though he turned to fire when he tasted her petal-soft lips, he turned to ice when he discovered that this winsome lady was, in fact, a witch Want to Read saving…. Joy’s daydream kissy face with the carriage window. Book Lists Jill Barnett Bewitching. She’s the witch whose every spell goes awry, and th After the woman he was supposed to marry runs off with another man, Alec, the Duke of Belmore finds himself facing humiliation.


You do not want to be around her when she goes into a sneezing fit. Available now in e-book “It’s satisfyingly long, sweetly passionate, hilariously funny, and quick paced read you won’t want to put down. She had bewitched the most serious, snobbish, and handsome Duke in England.

An amusing yet poignant story, if predictable and redundant. It is fun to see how Joy wiggles her way into Alex’s heart and how he’s helpless to fight it. When she and Alec crash onto the ground, she realizes not only what, but who is missing from her life.

Letty Hornsby is Costello. He barrnett nothing but a curt bully. Joy is supposed to be going to Surrey but accidentally crosses paths with the Duke of Bellmore AlecJoy ends up traveling with him and marrying him with in 24 hours of meeting him The only real sense that we get from her being from Scotland is the use of this word ad nauseam.

Even her fine bloodline didn’t make Joy quite proper enough to be a Duchess, but a proud nobleman like Alec, Duke of Belmore, did as he pleased – and he wanted to marry the beautiful girl who aroused his desire. Alec is extremely emotionally abusive. The same man who pursued her through the forest earlier, a knight charged by the King to establish a stronghold and build a castle.

Too late, Joy knew she was desperately in love and that nothing could stop the course of their destiny the scandal threatening to destroy her and the passion that held them both spellbound in a forbidden, irresistible match. For years Letty has been in love with the earl: I really wanted to like this book. There is humor, love, and heartbreak. Those I could have done without.