In his book on Bergson, Deleuze states that ʻthere cannot be a difference in kind but only a difference in degree between the faculty of the brain and the function. In short: we have to recognize that there could be no projected research topic less Deleuzian and Bergsonian, a priori, than this one: “On Deleuze’s Bergsonism. The first book dedicated to Gilles Deleuze’s seminal study of Henri Bergson’s philosophy Henri Bergson is widely accepted as one of the most significant.

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Published November 8th by Zone Books first published Our experience of space and time is always of the composite, so we cannot easily see these discrete elements; but according to Bergson pure instantaneous extension contains differences of degree only — differences of number, size, quantity.

In other words, they are able to create ordered structures of cognition by independently selecting that which is of interest in the world, and categorizing it. The idea of repetition still needs unpacking, digging, searching, and exploring. A Critical ReaderBlackwell, Oxford,p. In this analysis of one major philosopher by another, Gilles Deleuze identifies three pivotal concepts – duration, memory, and ‘lan vital – that are found throughout Bergson’s writings and shows the relevance of Bergson’s work to contemporary philosophical debates.

Halil Duzcu rated it really liked it Mar 26, Now, we may have good reasons to disagree with the supposed mutual exclusivity of morality and autonomy, but there is no doubting the nature of the man described here.

Deleuze’s Bergsonism First Edition Craig Lundy Published by Edinburgh University Press Critically analyses Deleuze’s engagement with Bergson, situating it within the broader trajectory of Bergson’s 20th and 21st century reception Explains the origin of concepts central to Deleuze’s work, such as multiplicity and the virtual Demonstrates in detail how the various components of Deleuze’s Bergsonism work together to create a productive and progressively emergent whole Focuses tightly on Bergsonism together with Deleuze’s related essays and lectures on Bergson.


The Practical Tendencies of Bergsonism. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The excitation of these systems converges around organically based homeostats the interests of the organism. But we have seen that Dennett, in his critique of qualia, argues that experienced qualities are not in some inner psychological space but in the encounter between brain, body and the world itself. Deleuze invites us rethink philosophical psychology by introducing Bergsonian notion of time, space, memory, perception, and so on.

The brain does not manufacture representations, but only complicates the relationship between a received movement excitation and an executed movement response. Aug 19, Steven Peck rated it really liked it.

The new Bergsonism

Dennett, Consciousness ExplainedPenguin, Harmondsworth,p. It’s in this light then, that one ought to consider It’s arguable that if the work of Henri Bergson remains spoken about today, it’s due in no small part to the incredible efforts of Gilles Deleuze, whose philosophy of creation has never ceased to draw on the thought of his venerable predecessor. And although I wouldn’t recommend this book for newcomers to Bergson – it moves too quick deleeuze that, I think – there’s reward aplenty for those looking to get a better handle on one of the twentieth century’s most intriguing and controversial thinkers.

Skip to content This article is intended to raise a number of connected issues. What kind of physical structure is not inert, stable, dependent on equilibrium, at some level?

If a liquid is placed deleuzs a closed container and shaken, then it will dynamically rearrange itself for a short while but eventually stabilize in the bottom of the container and cease moving — it will reach equilibrium. We have already seen that conscious experience of quality, even in the present, is dependent on an element of memory.

Penguin, Harmondsworth,p. In what sense can duration sensibly be seen as an indestructible ontological ground? The Impossible Mark Jago. In contrast, the elements of the brain and nervous system are multifunctional; the structure itself is constantly modulated — elements change function, connections are built and rebuilt; connectivity is massively parallel and dispersed throughout the structure, there is a large amount of built-in redundancy, veleuze consequently if an element fails others can take over.


The more structural-couplings the organism has, the more it can do with the raw materials of the chaotic, dissipative environment it inhabits. This, bsrgsonism, is not all simply speculation; the maths works. This leads us to the fourth proposition, which is that consciousness is the product of a process of selection — or a resolution of forces.

Mar 31, Therem Estraven rated it it was amazing Shelves: But what about consciousness on begrsonism edge of chaos? Often dismissed a fuzzy and imprecise concept or feeling, Deleuze here reclaims it not bergsonims as the organizing thread of the entire Bergsonian edifice, but as ‘one of the most fully developed methods in philosophy’ par excellence.

Sean Watson: The new Bergsonism / Radical Philosophy

Actualized consciousness is a composite of elements, a selected and combined subset from the virtual. When we construct a building we do not expect it to exchange every atom in its structure for other atoms within seconds of its construction. Does it have anything to recommend it? Brian Massumi has already commented very astutely on the capacity of the hyperreal to manipulate individuals and groups affectively at a level well below consciousness. With regard to the second theme of connectionism, consider the claims made by philosopher and neuroscience expert Andy Clark.

Bergzonism more it develops, the more numerous and the more distant are the points of space which it brings into relation with ever more complex motor mechanisms.

Hollingdale, Penguin, Harmondsworth,p.