Belkin | TuneCast | – Belkin Tunecast II FM Transmitter Mod. Home Sign Up! Explore Community Submit All Art Craft Food Games Green Home. I’m using a Belkin Tunecast II, with the longer antenna mod, and the quality of the audio is terrible. The coverage is not too bad, but its full of. the Belkin tunecast 2 FM transmitter can be modified to extend the transmit range. It can put out over milliwatts of RF power and be heard.

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If not, post more and I will try to help.

This step involves a bit of handy soldering which may be a bit tricky. Shutdown is probably controlled by the small square chip, the Cypress CY8C mixed signal gelkin. Will this produce the same result or have I made a mistake?

Note that some modifications may increase the signal beyond permitted limits.

Yet the second article connects it directly to a 50 ohm line. Your one limitation now would be battery life.

Not sure if you are set on powering from PC or not, but this is what I bought off ebay. Belkn, the internal antenna is very short and an external tunevast would help a lot. Another bad thing is the 1. Could someone confirm this to me? I also didnt want to have to buy anything else. I’ve got a Tunecast II with a slightly different board than the ones in the pictures you’ve posted I did not use “coax” to solder directly to the Tunecast, solid copper core is way too big to attach to the board.


Belkin Tunecast 2 Mod – General Hacking – Binary Revolution Forums

One cannot just connect ohm coax into a radio’s ohm antenna socket and expect optimal performance. I wish to perform the same mod but hopefully would be better Transmitting Distance Now to remove the TuneCast auto-power down.

Originally I wanted to see if I could do it. Point B, boosted supply voltage http: Reattached antenna wire here 3.

Belkin Tunecast II mod

Guy who modded this one removed that one part completely and it seems to me that he attached the new antenna there and removed the old one completely. Just get a “real” transmitter! Tuneccast help would be great Around mm or 30 inches would be almost optimal for the antenna.

Voltage check when plugged into the car and resistance check both indicated that it was passing straight through. I have devised a neat way of attaching bflkin antenna, see second photo. This would result in a more powerful signal.


– Belkin Tunecast II FM Transmitter Mod |

The question is how about the battery life and how far will it transmit? These plots were made with the better MRF output stage. My objective is to copy what turbomod did but to keep within 50nw,if possible; I dont want to increase the nanowatts but get the most out of 50 krunal says: I happened to have most of these parts on mov so I plopped a breadboard together.

When did Bell start charging for incoming text mes I found a simple RFamplifier circuit here: Has anyone ever built that RF amp for the Tunecast? Hmm, flash chips are something I’m good at breaking, at least in the sense tunecadt I have a go at programming and screw it up!!!