To achieve profitable growth over the long term, transportation and logistics companies must prepare for six megatrends that are reshaping the. Boston Consulting Group On Global Megatrends. Differentiating Success Factor or Just a Hollow Phrase? The word “megatrend” is a beloved. Megatrend analysis allows companies to build a long-term strategy that on analysis from Boston Consulting Group, a fourfold increase.

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Nonetheless, such measures can increase employee satisfaction because they empower widely gcg teams and treat all opinions as equally valuable.

And leaders will have to tailor their leadership style to the hyperindividualized environment, finding new ways to empower and inspire individuals and teams in their dispersed organization.

Megatrends in Higher Education

Six megartends the forces we identified are having a profound effect on the demand for talent. For example, the use of new technology and online communities can help prevent a high bias rate in recruiting.

The most successful companies will start preparing for these changes today. Organizations tend to respond to new challenges by adding teams, functions, and departments.

Air, sea, and road players will face increased burdens for regulatory compliance, such as having to upgrade or replace fleets to meet new emission standards. Many companies will look to break up entrenched departments and reporting lines, opting to organize work in smaller and more agile interdisciplinary teams. For example, Bosch, one of the largest automotive suppliers in the world, recently employed flexible organizational structures and agile methods to halve its usual development time for calibrating hardware and software components for electric vehicles.

Detailed information on the use of cookies is provided in our Privacy Policy. An increasingly dynamic global economy has led to shortages of skilled, knowledgeable employees in megattrends markets and may create a surplus of less-skilled workers in others. Appendix Our yearlong analysis revealed 60 trends, which we consolidated into 12 megatrends in four areas.

Businesses such as Google, Chevron, and JPMorgan Chase are already implementing such programs and realizing benefits, including fewer sick days, lower insurance premiums, and more-productive employees. The logistics advisory segment also will benefit, as players provide advanced solutions for planning routes, helping customers identify bottlenecks and achieve greater efficiency.

To address the increasingly complex city logistics resulting from urbanization, contract logistics players, like road transport companies, can offer hub services for efficient operations in cities. As consumption increases bcf rapidly developing economies RDEsso too will production.


Twelve Forces That Will Radically Change How Organizations Work

Similarly, executives will need to become far more comfortable leading in a megafrends world—a potential challenge given that many people with the best digital skills are often younger than leadership team members and have different working styles. BCG uses cookies to improve the functionality, performance, and effectiveness of our communications.

Companies will develop a more fluid sense of what is inside and what is outside their boundaries. Choose your location to get a site experience tailored for you. BCG recently conducted a global megatrend analysis for a private, liberal arts university to help it form a new strategic plan.

Alison Sander: Megatrends — 5 tips on the art and science of trend tracking | TED Talk

As organizations grow, their structure becomes increasingly complicated. BCG has assessed the impact of these megatrends on organizations.

These and other analytic capabilities will transform HR, along with every other business function, enabling the delivery of highly customized and effective megstrends to internal and external customers. The segments that stand to benefit the most from urbanization are road transport and CEP delivery, as well as hinterland terminals and warehousing. Big Data and Advanced Analytics. Technological and digital productivity: The three trends in the realm of technological and digital productivity are arguably creating the most significant changes worldwide.

The business case has never been stronger, as studies show that diverse teams are much more likely to foster employee engagement and improve business performance. Companies are trying a megatrneds of unconventional methods to bring in digital talent. Soft skills can be embedded in the curriculum or taught in standalone courses, while online platforms such as Coursera are already incorporating soft-skills content into their offerings, with hundreds of courses on topics such as communication skills and problem bcgg.

Megatrends in Higher Education. Contract megatrencs providers can also invest in their own manufacturing facilities such as for outsourcing the final assembly of products and their own infrastructure to benefit from the congestion in megacities and the scarcity of infrastructure overall. Some companies are turning to technology to help them improve diversity. Yet, more worryingly, the rising disparity also means that more bg more people are being left behind on the education front, unable to afford the ongoing training or reskilling they need to compete.

They want personalized offerings and will collaborate with companies to help develop the products and services they desire.


At the same time, in some emerging markets, the number of young people is still increasing rapidly. They will also need to rely on data, rather than their gut instinct, in decision making.

Changing Workforce Cultures and Values As the skill shortage increases, new attitudes among talented people are also changing the workplace—in particular, the growing preference for independent work instead of dedicated corporate careers. First, companies have significant opportunities to apply big data and automation to improve operational efficiency, quality, and costs. Meanwhile, Citigroup and others megarends introducing online gaming apps, either as recruiting tools or to identify hidden skill sets among bccg.

Read about the skills students need to compete in the 21st century. Predictive technology, integrated tools to optmize performance, social media insights, behavioral sensors, meegatrends big data Access to Information and Ideas: We categorize them into two groups: The freight-forwarding and contract-logistics segments stand to gain, as companies earn higher margins by reselling capacity on congested routes.

Eventually, as value chains break up into networks and platforms, the role of the organization will shift from that of a controller of resources to that of a facilitator of ecosystems and a conduit for realizing individual aspirations. megatrenvs

Personalization and premium products and services, the sharing economy, data security, ethics, and the environment Shifts in Resource Distribution A New Megatrdnds Mix: The Global Workforce Crisis: They will shift from HR processes, policies, and systems to problem-solving interactions. For example, many students want the flexibility to design their own major and make greater use of electives. Further, mobility is changing the rules of the education game, increasing value for all stakeholders.

Desire for personal, social, and communal impact; reflection and purpose; self-expression; appreciation and respect; and physical and mental health and balance. E-commerce also presents opportunities for contract logistics providers.

For a list of all 60 trends, see the Appendix. As consumers increasingly buy products through ubiquitous offerings on the web, the flow of goods through the transport network has already become more megqtrends. For example, Amelia, a cognitive agent developed by IPsoft, can assume a variety of service desk roles, including technology support, customer care, and procurement processing.

But the structure of higher education has remained static for decades.