Deck Construction Rules. Universe Rules. The Inner Sphere affiliations currently used in the BattleTech TCG are Davion, Marik, Kurita, Liao, Rasalhague. An Inner Sphere Themed rulebook for the Battletech CCG card game from the 90s . While reading the rules and playing the game.. interrupting Schuler in the . Someone’s made the whole CCG available on TTS. I’ve been looking for a tutorial though to refresh myself with the CCG rules and turn order.

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Optional rules may not be invoked or altered by either tournament officials or players once the tournament begins.

Any materials specifically required for a particular tournament format. You tap a resource like you would in most games. LimitedUnlimited versions only Card text should read: If a player disagrees with how tournament officials handled the possible conduct violation, he or she can appeal the ruling to the DCI staff or the DCI tournament manager if present at the tournament for cch final decision.

Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Once all cards in the booster pack have batletech drafted, a tournament official instructs players to open another booster pack “Open your next Commander’s Edition booster. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. There are many ways to increase the number of deployments but the usual is 2 per turn. Remove from battle each blocking Unit that is not guarding and untap it. Rulex the “Phases of the Turn: Phases of the Turn “The old ways of war are dead, Father, and we must adapt, or die!


BattleTech Collectible Card Game

Players may sideboard after the first battle of the match. To gules the above text applicable to team events, substitute “team” for “player” and “round loss” for “match loss. Every resource is colorless, but having a specific type controls how much you pay for things. Therefore, card sets always enter tournament play two to five weeks after their retail release dates, and always on the first day of the month.

The BattleTech TCG Players’ Guide

BattleTech Tabletop Primer – New? Each point rjles damage to the deck scraps a card from it. Unsporting Conduct Unsporting conduct is not tolerated at battletfch officially sanctioned tournament.

Any spectator violating these rules may be warned by tournament officials or may be required to leave the event. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Thor D LimitedUnlimited has a base attack of 6 and the ability to deal 2 damage to the target even if blocked.

So it’s possible to get the unit for 6 instead. Tournament officials must comply with this rule and section 3.

The table there is laid out with a 2. If the number of battles in a match is different than a possible total of three, the head judge must announce this change before the tournament begins.

If a player has a rules question, he or she should communicate it to the rulea player and judging staff in a concise, polite, and rational manner. Gain R” on them. So I’m going to pickup tabletop simulator battlletech Steam the next time it goes on sale for one reason, Battletech. They are “on patrol”–unless you assign them to guard something on your turn.


Draw a card when you activate Ferro-Fibrous Armor. If any value is reduced to less than 0, it should be treated as 0 for all purposes except raising above 0 again. Then start next battle. Once a player’s decklist is received by a tournament official, it may be altered only at the head judge’s discretion.

On a 5 or a 6 the Vehicle is scrapped.

The head judge has final authority regarding whether or not a deck has been sufficiently randomized. This page was last edited on 23 Decemberat This game was created by the creator of Magic the Gathering. Players shuffle their decks see section 1. Limited version only Combat Engineers is incorrectly listed as Infantry Support in its own card text. Unique cards may be placed in the Construction region while a Unique card of the same title is in play, but they may not be activated.

Players need to bring preassembled decks to Constructed tournaments, or box powers to tournaments requiring their use. Where can I find the imgur links?