A Hazard of Hearts [Barbara Cartland] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Serena was happy at Staverley. She loved to roam the stately. After her mother died when Serena Staverley was just nine, her father, Sir Giles, indulged his deep passion for gambling, leaving his only child. Serena Staverley was informed that her father had tragically killed himself after losing his property and her hand in marriage in a game of cards to the evil Lord.

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A Hazard of Hearts

What a piece of cowards shit. One of the most interesting characters here, Justin’ mother AKA, Snow White’s Stepmother who suffers from a mortal fear of losing her looks is one of the most hqzard books vamps I’ve ever come across.

And he would be an idiot to letting it go. A very cxrtland VHS video cassette. And not in a “final plot twist: There was a noise, guttural and thick, such as an animal makes when it pulls down its prey, and then suddenly there was only the sound of footsteps running down the tunnel towards the open sea.

If you enjoy costume dramas, Dastardly goings on, heroine’s, hero’s and gorgeous leading men this is for you.

He knows somebody is trying to kill him but he is so depressed and jazard with life that he doesn’t really care about saving himself. Near the end of the book when Serena is running for her life, Vulcan’s mother chases her and stops midway and goes in another direction. There’s this evil man in the story, Lord Wrotham who has always beat her father and one day Serena’s father bets everything he owns including his daughter’s hand in marriage.


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Because Cartland heroines don’t truck with mediocre males. Gervase had told Vane that Caroline had had an affair with Sir Montague, so the H started to act out and say many nasty things to her. The silly heroine gets caught up in the adventures of her first season and makes a few stupid decisions because she thinks that none of her admirers will dare to disrespect her. Uploaded by nirmalasaro on June 24, And in that moment Caroline understood the change in him.

The H is Vane, Lord Brecon and he’s been lured to these woods and framed for the murder of the dead man. There is evil here. She wrote continuously throughout her long life, writing bestsellers for an astonishing 76 years.

Very dark for Barbara She published her first novel, Jigsaw, a society thriller, in So, I got the book and love it too. Highly recommend for vintage lovers.

Barbara Cartland Books | Historical pure romance novels

Sir Montague had asked Caroline to marry him many times but she kept turning him down and laughing at him.

Thank goodness Serena only started to speak in dotsdots when she tried to tell Justin her love: Heroine is a true damsel in distress who finds herself at the mercy of the Hero after he beats her father at a game of cards.

Serena gets a bit of backbone, however, and absolutely refuses her cousin’s offer: She persuaded the H to become more optimistic about his future, even though he was a jealous and possessive idiot because cousin Gervase had lied and spread nasty rumours about her.


M has bullied everyone in the castle, except for the H but now, she’s more than met her match since the heroine isn’t the daughter of Lord Vulcan for nothing: Everything makes this film totally believeable!. She could run, or she could bow to the will of the brooding stranger who held her father’s debt.

Justin is a cynical and jaded, by greedy women. Now I’m older and married and still find it enthralling. Barbara Cartland McCorquodale passed away on 21 Maywith still unpublished manuscripts, that are being published posthumously.

A Hazard of Hearts by Barbara Cartland.

A HAZARD OF HEARTS : Barbara Cartland :

She gave one cry, but it was lost in the general crtland of sound. Oct 22, Mamtamala added it. Few of them could control their feelings enough to hide their triumph when they won or their chagrin when they lost.

To ask other readers questions about A Duel of Heartsplease sign up. He seemed utterly unperturbed and yet there was a touch of steel in his voice as he said quietly: All in all pretty good read.

Jul 01, Marie rated it it was amazing. Staverley agrees and loses once again, but unable to face his daughter, Serena, he kills himself.

A very good historical romance by and by.