Balban through his theory of kingship endeavored to prove that he had not taken the throne by the poisoned cup or by the dagger of the murderer. K. A. Nizami. The Maliks in grief at Balban’s death, remarks Barni, threw dust on th heads He based his claim to kingship not on a human compromise but on Divi. Right. An Assignment on Theories of Kingship in Delhi Sultanate Submitted by- of the forty minsters, Gias-al-Din balban seized the throne in grim splendor and amid.

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Although Haibat Khan saved his life by paying 20, Tankas to the widow, he was so much ashamed that after this incident he did not come out from his palace till death Amin Khan, the Governor of Ayodhya, was defeated by Tughril Khan and reached the capital after blban many difficulties but Balban did not behave kindly with him.

Wine was prohibited for them.

Time check: Medieval India: Theory of kingship –

Likewise the king should be impartial in dispensing justice. In order to give his kingship a religious touch, he continued to inscribe the name of the deceased Khalifa on coins.

Balban emphasized the relationship between God and the Sultan, Sultan and the people and the God kingshil the people. Updated December 30, Pressure on the press A government-controlled body to run the affairs of newspapers is not in sync with the modern concepts of rule. And this need to legitimization has led balbban the creation of splendid medieval literature, and even adaptation of Greco-Hellenic culture in Indian polity.

In the context of Delhi sultanate it becomes much more vicious with those added political problems acting as catalysts.

With this policy, he ensured internal peace and external security to his state. Balban brought about the destruction of the forty who have grasped the power of the state from the weak hands of the successors of Iltutmish.


If the system is still at war with Nawaz and Zardari, it may not have the bandwidth to take on Imran too. They used to have naked swords in their hands. It was based on Persian model and many ceremonies and festivals of Persian style were celebrated in it. But in spite of all this, Balban is appreciated by historians for thekry effective steps to restore law and order and prestige of the Sultan.

The strength of a despotic ruler is also measured by his ability to protect his subjects from external danger.

Balban enforced strict discipline in the court. They were paid handsome salaries but were required to work efficiently failing which they were reprimanded.

Essay on the Balban’s Theory of Kingship

kingshi Balban always maintained an external dignity. The political scenario also demanded legitimization of the ruler in that turbulent time, and without any kihgship of succession in Islamic world, it became all the more necessary. Pakistan must own the FATF project. Thus satisfying his thirst of anger and revenge, Balban appointed his son Bughra Khan the Governor of Bengal and directed him to be always faithful to the Delhi Sultanate failing which he would also be punished like Tughril Khar, and his followers.

Tughril Khan the Governor of Bengal taking advantage of this knigship situation, revolted against Delhi Sultanate. Balban returned to Delhi after three years and his son Bughra Khan continued to rule over Bengal upto A. Balban said that the king was the representative of God on the earth and Kingship was a divine institution.

However this much is believable that because of this outlook of Balban, he dismissed all officials not born of noble families, from all important posts.

Idea of Kingship and State Organization in Delhi Sultanate

Balban was very meticulous about royal dignity in his court and private life. Islam in South Asia: They were balbam to provide very important information to the Sultan and those who failed, were severely punished. Dear reader, please upgrade to the latest version of IE to have a better reading experience.

The author of Tarikh-i-Firuzshai argues about the theory of kingship that the rulers, who maintained glory and grandeur of court by impressing royal people, in fact, create fear among their subjects which consequently raise the status and prestige of a king. The court dress was prescribed for the nobles. A Political and Military History. But after his death a tug of war began between the members of this gang and the successors of the Sultan in which, ultimately, the gang of the Forty Slood victorious.


This is a paralogism in him, which no historian has satisfactorily answered. He clearly held on to that view as he has reiterated it in an essay after a gap jingship thirty years. He maintained considerable distance from the courtiers. He awarded him death punishment and thus killed one of the influential members of the Forty to the grief of the gang and to the relief to himself.

His frowning look9 displayed an awe- inspiring personality. He used this weapon with a great vengeance against throry rivals, rebels, robbers, thieves and the invaders. He saved the country from the invasions of the Mongols. He was never seen without wearing a cap or socks or shoes.

Habibullah calls him as the forerunner of the state system of the Khiljis. His conviction was that only a despot could extract obedience from his subject and ensure the security of the state.

He never expressed unusual joy or sorrow to the public. He did not permit his courtiers to take their seats so long as he remained in the court.

Balban was a despotic ruler and the reestablishment of the prestige throry the crown was the immediate need before him. At the same time the Mongols attacked the north-west frontier. He traced his lineage from Afrasiyab, the ancient king of Iran, to prove his right to rule as an inheritor of a great king.