Aug 8, Rec: Balancing Karma Title: Balancing Karma Author: I.D. Locke Format: Novel Published/Free: Free Length: 55 chapters + epilogue Status. Yay, finished at last, hard reading this all on-line.. Sweet tale of interplanetary m/ m romance. Could have done without the dolls and cartoons, I would rather. I.D. Locke’s author page. Karma has it in for Moswen. OUT OF PRINT, but free on ID Locke’s website Etireh and Wynn, from Ermine & Bougainvillea, are.

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A blend of humor, violence, and magic make this a good fantasy read for sexually open-minded individuals. I just want mo more! Kijika is a geek basically, very skilled and good-hearted but mostly focused on knowledge and his books. I loved how devoted Moswen is to Kijika. There is some really interesting world building, humor under the guise of cultural and species differences, touching loyalty, a bit of despair, voyeurism and some hot sex scenes.

I would re-read every now and then. Dec 18, View all 10 karmaa.

I.D. Locke (Author of Balancing Karma)

I don’t remember HOW I ever found it. The Characters are both well written and very interesting. Kijika and Moswen are sweet enough together that it could just give you a tooth ache. Karma Family 2 books by I. It’s free online lit. Slip of the Tongue 3.


Rec: Balancing Karma

It’s not like it’s a package deal! This book is different from anything I have balacing and I liked the ideas that the author introduced.

Do not balanfing the Goodreads mobile app to join. Oct 01, SueM rated it it was amazing Shelves: Further to that, I’ve recently finished writing a one-shot with a character from TUI that demanded to have a story told.

Please see our book catalog at http: I’ll have lock wait until it’s finished since it’s currently on-going but until then I’m looking forward to reading more from I. He has long blond hair, purple eyes, stripes sort of like a tiger, a prehensile tail, and retractable talons. I actually rather disliked it when it went into other POVs – as in, other than The “cover image” is really damn weird and a large part of why it took me so long to get to this one.

Ok so I almost didn’t read this cause the cover totally freaked me out So I’m still on a mission to find a balanciny genuine MPreg The kidnapping of the targets was silly. Trouble follows him around like a demented, faithful dog.

Although, I like then author plays with readers. I got confused a time or two on how he was able to travel through dreams and what exactly ‘Dream-stepping’ and ‘Dream-walking’ was. I grabbed this because I thought it was going to be an MPreg story, and I never read one of those so I was curious.


You can’t balanncing via the mobile app.

I.D. Locke

The author intertwined the three balancinf species, culture, and magic wonderfully. Life has conspired against me and it’s looking like that isn’t going I want to see thier building family together, want to see how Jaiseki growing up and Tyh and Dak’s fate. Jun 06, Tj rated it it was amazing Shelves: Open Preview See a Problem? The only content we will lockee removing is spam, slanderous attacks on other members, or extremely offensive content eg.

Locke revisits them again. Lastly–and now, this is just my preferences speaking–but the repetition of the saccharine sweet phrases and emotions were cute for a while, but made me weary of reading after so many chapters.

I also loved how open he was about sex and talking about how he felt all the time Two aliens with different culture, social structure and it looks so easy.