Walkthrough a. Escaping to the Past This is a walkthrough for Episode Four of Back to the Future: The Videogame. This walkthrough is. Back to the Future at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. More Wiki Sections. Walkthrough. Collectibles. Cheats and. Find out the best tips and tricks for unlocking all the achievements for Back to the Future in The walkthrough for this episode is under “The Future isn’t Written.

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Talk to Cueball about Trixie three times in a row.

Back to the Future: The Game — Episode 4: Double Visions – Walkthrough

Marty finds him on top of the courthouse. He can’t enter any of the rooms, though. Follow the conversation and he’ll tell you that he need to deliver a subponema to be able to leave work early in time to build the drill, and that he needs alcohol for fuel.

After the scene, answer to Arty and Trixie with any available options. You can change these at any time in the game settings menu. It’s a good bet that getting the Emmett in this timeline to see Frankenstein will cause him to become a scientist, too. You can do them in any order, and you can do them simultaneously.

MAY 16 Starts telling him that you could go back in time. A kind of game that I didn’t play since the good old days of Interplay and those Star Trek games, but I digress. A degenerate criminal likes Trixie, so turn Emmett’s helmet to green, either by using the record player komplettlsyng the pot of soup.


Meanwhile, on the outskirts of town, Old Doc picks up Edna in his car.

Back to the Future: The Game – Walkthrough

There is a security camera, a door, and two speakers in the room. If you did it correctly, the mental alignment reader gives you a reading of “degenerate criminal”. It’s Cueball, one of Kid Tannen’s former employees. That neat pile of newspaper seems to have the answer, but Edna won’t let you touch it.

Back to the Future – Episode 1: It’s About Time Walkthrough

Pay attention on the words Emmet’s enfasizing, it tells you what and in which sequence to use the levers and pulleys on the lab. Talk to Emmett and mention his mother. Then tell her that he klmplettlsung Emmett Brown. Use this time to get the notebook from the courthouse.

Grab the oil and use it on Emmett to ruin his suit. Talk to Emmett and tell him that his father will listen.

The following walk through is one of the possibles outcomes of this point-and- click game. It’s a picture of John Wilkes Booth. That way, you can ask George to connect Marty’s room to Jennifer’s room, so the two of them can talk.

Click on the bathysphere hose. After the conversation, go and pick up that recording flower from the booth and give it to Officer Parker. Doc will take it for a brief test drive, which determines that the time machine is still acting improperly. Talk to Emmett about his father giving him a fair trial.


Tell Doc you need a distraction and he’ll gladly provide one for you. The rest of the time, it’s usually yellow. He knows about Trixie’s shady past. Go to the drivers side of the car, place the fhture and then aim it on the receiver. It’s a picture of Edna’s brother. Marty then regains all the items in his inventory. Marty’s good friend, who built a time machine out of a car. Doc is amazed to see the old town theater again.

Talk with Doc about everything, while Marty and Doc wait for the police to leave. It’s a picture of Officer Parker. Emmett is the younger version of Doc.

Edna’s not going to like this picture at all Go and use the clay oven to get a burning stick, then use this stick on the outhouse. Marty soon realizes that something is wrong here. If it did, please give a thumbs up and rate the guide! The bad news tue that Edna has left the expo to go see Emmett. He uses the cleanser to clean the suit, but because we aged the cleanser by about seventeen hours, it dissolves the suit.