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Figure Adjusting home position of the filter wheel It will take 3 minutes to complete the test. Do not use such devices as mobile phones or radio transmitters in the room housing the system. Inappropriate maintenance may lead to unreliable results, or even equipment damage and personal injury. After calibration is completed, calibration formula can not be gained, but the previous calibration formula can be used to calculate the formula and the test will not be affected.

Conventions Used in This Manual This manual uses the following typographical conventions to clarify meanings in the text. User-friendly interface and multi-language operation software.


Service and Maintenance To ensure reliability, good performance and service life of the system, regular maintenance is required. When maintaining the components on the side of analogue board and air duct, it is not mindgay to dismount the flow cell base assembly and maintenance can be done on the dismounted photometer assembly. If obvious blow-up is found, skewed installation of the lens might be the cause and the mlndray might be needed. To print the manual completely, please, download it.


Page 72 deviation can not minrray directly measured in operating software, so they are configured by other methods. Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. After confirming that the FPGA software or the lower computer software has been copied to the instrument memory, enter the Maintenance interface. Nihon Kohden Cell Counter. System Installation Basic Make sure the installation site of the hospital meet the system installation requirements on space, power supply and environment.

Number of Employees Upto 10 People.

Mindray BA-88A Service Manual

Pet hospitals and small laboratories are its prime beneficiaries. Do not touch the surface of the optical elements with bare hand. If necessary, you can disconnect the connection of some cables in advance. Page 67 After mounting the pump shell, install the pump head on the pump. Microplate washer MWA Mindray. We are the leading manufacturer and trader of Hematology Analyzer, Immunoassay Analyzer and many more.

Chemistry Analyzer BA-88A Mindray medical equipment

Click Maintenance on the main screen of the instrument. Enclosure Assembly refrigeration plate, lamp cable and the connection cable of analogue board.

The software on CPU extension board that should be upgraded: Pull out the tubing that goes through the mindrzy of the analyzer for mm until the adapter is exposed. It will take 10 minutes to upgrade the operating software. Supports bi-chromatic tests for end point, fixed-time, kinetics methods.

To wipe off dust from the system surface, use a soft, clean and wet not too wet cloth, soaked with mild soap solution if necessary, to clean the surface. Page 18 Analogue Board Page 26 The replacement of lamp assembly is shown in the following picture.

Page 61 Click Lower upgr and the Lower computer upgrading dialog box will be displayed. Replacement of the peristaltic pump should be followed with flow volume calibration this is not for system configured with cuvette.


Service And Maintenance Service and Maintenance To ensure reliability, good performance and service life of the system, regular maintenance is required. Figure Structure of USB functions 4.

A confirmation has been sent to you, please click the link to verify your email address and activate your subscription. Medicines, anticoagulants or preservative in the samples may lead to unreliable results.

Factory price Mindray touch screen baa semi-auto chemistry analyzer with User-friendly interface. Any person, who connects additional equipment to the signal input or output ports and configures an IVD system, is responsible for ensuring that the system work normally and complies with the safety and EMC Date of Manufacture Manufacturer CE marking.

Wear antistatic gloves to dismount and mount the analogue board; Do not drag the cable with excessive force. Prepare the samples, reagents and distilled water; It has pop-up keypad. Mindray does not assume any liability arising out of any infringements of patents or other rights of third parties.

Analogue Board Interface 4. Support for mouse or external keyboard is enhanced by USB. Page 65 Locate the position where the peristaltic pump is installed. BA A is a Semi – Auto chemistry analyzer and a computer in one unit.

Jds Biotech was established in the year and has created a remarkable niche in the market.