Deko / Deko v ReadMe; Deko v ReadMe; Deko User’s How do I find my System ID for my Avid video product?. Real time SD & HD Graphics with 2D, 3D, Clip, Audio Effects adv. effects for live production & News. The Avid Deko system provides a rich set of tools for efficiently defining and delivering compelling broadcast branding, with time-saving features such as.

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This will give your output an organic and dynamic look, without a time consuming creation process.

The training process is fast and ensures a skilled and confident staff. Useful the world over. Fully serviced with 3 months warranty. We will not share or sell your information and you can unsubscribe at any time. Create once, use many times; simultaneously create graphics that can be used for both Dekl and HD formats so there is no need for redundant graphic assets; easily create unique versions of a single graphic instance to take advantage of extra HD real estate.

Headshot graphics will no longer have to be static, which will give your graphics a much more live and organic look.

AVID DEKO HD CG Character Generator

But it seems it is based on it. Operators use familiar Deko toolset; no learning curve for complex 3D environment; simplified 3D ceko. Speed workflow by dramatically reducing the number of assets required from the art department. Easily insert animated branding elements such as logos and station IDs into live graphics and templates.

Brand assurance Deko allows dfko image and style to be defined once and then used throughout the production and delivery process, helping to avoid errors and to ensure an efficient, consistent visual look, whether working with SD, HD, 2D, 3D, or all four.


This will quickly and easily bring in your broadcast graphics and effects to your post environment. Back to previous page Search for similar: I am not sure about this, but from what I can read the TitleDeko Pro included in 3000 is not really the same as the Deko range of professional products offered by Avid. You will also find broadcast and media finance specialists such as Adamtean, Medialease, Fineline and Azule Finance. This afid allows customers to produce Charts and Graphs that link to dynamically updating data in an easy to use andintuitive manner.

Create 2D animations on text, images and video clips.

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Chart and graph capabilities provide creative tools for customers to present data in visually appealing ways. For example the 30000 on this page if they are what is being referred to are high level professional products.

Familiar Deko tools enable cross-application file sharing, improved usability, and smarter workflows. Click Here to Contact Us.

Delo the Deko3D Converter utility allows efficient distribution of model revisions to multiple Deko systems. Expanded storage and enhanced Clip playback capability with 2 clips video and key playback per output channel in a Dual channel configuration. Thu, May 28 9: If someone wants to use it it’s up to him or her.

Not all features are available on all models. If you are in the UK you can find Sony Broadcast equipment that has the Silver Support package eeko supplied by reputable broadcast dealers and broadcast resellers. Pierre and Miquelon St. All Dealer Private Manufacturer.

Model Details Overview Real-time HD or SD graphics and advanced effects for live production and newsroom integration Delivering unmatched visual sophistication with the addition of stunning real-time 3D motions; 3D DVE-style transitions; 2D and 3D data-driven charts and graphs; video clips; linked sound effects; and animating true 3D models, Deko is trusted by broadcasters worldwide for its legendary on-air reliability and broadcast-focused workflow. Perfect conditions, fully serviced with.


Latest post Fri, May 29 4: Render-free animations are easy to build and edit, and can be shared across SD and HD Deko models, Avid systems and other editors. I was a font magpie! The reveal function instead of still crawl or roll works first time for me. Show “make an offer” adverts. Deko functionality appears in multiple applications including: If you are looking for a tripod to support your broadcast camcorder there are over items online. As I am a fast learner and I am subtitling some apple trailers for a friend in studio for his show at my spare.

Put a new title on aivd filler or on a live video and then reopen it from there. We have hundreds of reseller, dealer and hire company users with the biggest range of new and refurbished broadcast, film and video equipment from either dealer, reseller or private selle r. Avld was really good once you learned how to use it.

Reference Item Model Description: The effect applies automatically, regardless of changes to the character count. Produce unique, attention-drawing effects with little production effort.

Deko Documentation

Two Com Ports, HD: Incorporate maps or weather displays in real-time without having to render new clips or tie up an external video server. Internal clip player that plays multiple clips per channel with Motion Timeline control, transitions, and veko – each supporting fill, key and static matte with infinite and 3-point loop capability. Import high-resolution images for zoom or pan into user-defined screen locations with text and cell animation overlay; created using familiar Motion Timeline window.