Averno: Poems [Louise Glück] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Averno is a small crater lake in southern Italy, regarded by the ancient. The poet Louise Glück journeys into the underworld of Greek myth to explore LAGO D’AVERNO (Avernus in Latin) is a volcanic crater lake. Averno is Louise Glück’s eleventh collection of poetry published in by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. It was a National Book Award Finalist for Poetry that year.

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Louise Gluck is the kind of poet that transports you to another world using often the simplest language, and this rare talent is what makes me return to her again and again. The world is aerno flux, therefore unreadable, the winds shifting, the great plates invisibly shifting and changing- 2. Dec 05, Christopher Alonso rated it really liked it Shelves: You might also like … Reviewed and Reconsidered: Desire, what is that?

Microreview: Louise Glück, Averno

Nature Defends Itself Dayton Martindale. The first half of this collection is more consistent than the second, with gems like October and Landscape and Persephone the Wanderer. Keep trying to understand why it has such a vulnerable authority, like someone wielding a dagger then using it to offer you a piece of zverno. This was a really irritating collection of poems. But Gluck often undermines these dichotomies or, at least, subverts them: Rewriting Poland Marta Figlerowicz.


Averno (poetry) – Wikipedia

This disorientation feels somehow purposeful, as though we, like Persephone, despite Zeus’ promise to allow her to “forget” her passage, half-remember the place between extremes. She lives in Lansdale with her husband, a history professor, who shares her of love of vintage records and the resurgence of vinyl. At times it produces something truly beautiful; the sort of poems that one things deserves the National Book Award.

The cold, exacting fires of disinterestedness, curiously blocked by earth, coherent, glittering in air and water, the elaborate signs that said now plant, now, harvest- I could name them, I had names for them: Averno is a small crater lake in southern Italy, regarded by the ancient Romans as the entrance to the underworld.

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In a remarkable opening avfrno, “October,” she evokes our precarious attachment to the Earth in a ceaseless rhythmic interrogative: The soothing, inhuman sounds of water lapping the dock, the dog scuffling somewhere in the weeds- Time was experienced less as narrative than ritual.

Averno; again, elegant, emotive writing that frequently looks sparse upon the page and yet is dense with meaning, possibility, passion!


There are some equally good ones in the second half, with Thrush being worthy of a reading or two. Oct 22, Amelia glck it it was amazing.

On the other hand, as I said, when she’s good, etc. And her style is everything I like.

This page was last edited on 21 Februaryat What Averno provides is not a map to a point of arrival or departure, but a diagram of where we are, the harrowing, enduring present. One match was all it took. The personal essay is loyise dead, but has it traded From the pierced clouds, steady lines of silver.

Read of the Week: Averno by Louise Glück

It is as though the poems work together like a patchwork quilt to blanket us with feeling, at times despairing and other times empowering, taking on those life questions which lurk in the underworlds of our minds, deep below the surface.

Jul 29, Laura rated it it was amazing Shelves: Gulck Read Edit View history.

The room was quiet. Sounds of a summer storm. VollmannTed Hamilton.