Jorge Luis Borges and mathematics concerns several modern mathematical concepts found in His essay “Avatars of the Tortoise” (Avatares de la Tortuga) is about infinity, and he opens by describing the book he would like to write on. Title: Avatars of the Tortoise Title Record # Variant Title of: Los avatares de la tortuga (by Jorge Luis Borges) [may list more publications, awards . way of illustration, a fully grown giant tortoise the digital investment of life in avatars as they op- erate in an . (although the ghost of what Jorge Luis Borges.

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Besides, our language is so saturated and animated by time that it is quite possible that there is not one statement in these pages which in some way does not demand or invoke the idea of time.

Jorge Luis Borges and mathematics

He makes up that distance, but the tortoise is then 1 meters ahead of him. University of Chicago Press. Borges concludes that for a long time, many believed that, if patiently manipulated, the disks could yield all the answers to every problem and “the sure revelation of the arcane nature of the world”. This is the question of whether aavtars Turing machine will ever stop, that is, a question of whether a computer will ever finish running a program.

The archetypal example is “The Eternal Rose of Coleridge” which is self referential, because Borges compared excellent metaphors to that Rose “The Name of” which hortoise the title of a best seller.

We confront this problem whenever our system hangs.

Robert’s Stochastic thoughts

The job is perfect; there is no detail of the soil of England, no matter how minute, that is not registered on the map; everything has there its correspondence. That is, if the Universe is closed it is finite and all paradoxes are hints of reality that show that our images of the universe are as mistaken as Zeno.

The conception of literature as a formalistic game leads, in the best of cases, to the fine chiseling of a period or a stanza, to an artful decorum Johnson, Renan, Flaubertand in the worst to the discomforts of a work made of surprises dictated by vanity and chance Gracian, Herrera y Reksig.


This thought came back to me when I considered the mother of all counter-intuitive theorems Godel’t theorem.

tortoize In essays written in the late thirties, Borges analyses Kafka’s novels. Amazingly the great Borges took Zeno’s paradox seriously. Time is a river which sweeps me along but I am the river; it is a tiger which destroys me but I am the tiger; it is a fire which consumes me but I am the fire.

Posted by Robert at 6: A book is not an isolated being: Lullio’s machine is, symbolically, a sort of oxymoron or contradiction, because it was conceived to work out the solution of any problem through the methodical application of chance. The fact is that every writer creates his own precursors. That is we can not know if we can prove a contradiction from the axioms.

Borges considers many versions of Zeno’s paradox. There is no more cunning consolation than the thought that we have chosen our own misfortunes; that individual theology reveals a secret order, and in a marvelous way confuses ourselves with the deity. But, at the same time, they are tools of reason which are opposed to an irrationality that could be felt not only in the texts of philosophers but in the fabric of modern life itself.

In his essay “Pascal’s sphere” La esfera de Pascal[9] Borges writes about a “sphere with center everywhere and circumference nowhere”.

It cannot be grasped through ‘normal’ perception because it encloses infinity, but it can, instead, be written. This site uses cookies. Now use B as an input to B. Thus, all inadvertence is deliberate, every casual encounter is an engagement made beforehand, every humiliation is an act of penitence, every failure a mysterious victory, every death a suicide. This strange, uncanny sequence to which Foucault dedicated a magnificent commentary in his introduction to The Order of Things combines, in the same way as a fictional fantastic plot, heterogenous elements that do not follow the rules and order of what is considered reality or the reality of known languages.


In fact C can do this with another finite tape with many many more than N bits of information but still finite. If they are, they are consistent. Another case in which infinity makes infinite trouble is the halting problem.

Zeno, Russell, and Borges on Tortoises – Point at Infinity

The apparent force of the argument … lies solely in the mistaken supposition that there cannot be anything beyond the whole of an infinite series, which can be seen to be false by observing that is beyond the whole of the infinite series. The Wall and the Books Music, states of happiness, mythology, faces belabored by time, certain twilights and certain places try to tell us something, or have said something we should not have missed, or are about to say zvatars this imminence of a revelation which does not occur is, perhaps, the aesthetic phenomenon.

These opinions of Borges are well known and he has repeated them time and again ever since the essays he first published in the literary journal Sur and the weekly magazine El Hogar in the nineteen thirties.

The machine is bborges, although its precision has nothing in common with scientific method or with common sense and experience. Rather than considering the race from its beginning, when Achilles has a daunting, seemingly endless string of obstacles between himself and the tortoise, one can consider it from the moment, exactly seconds in, when Achilles has successfully overcome all of these obstacles.

Some of them have their origins in, or are guided by, Borges’s opinions on the art and craft of fiction. I cannot combine some characters dhcmrlchtj which the divine Library has not foreseen and which in one of its secret tongues do not contain a terrible meaning.