The Audiolab X7 is a genuine one-box, seven channel power amplifier, capable of handling even difficult loudspeaker loads – it will cleanly deliver 7 x. The Audiolab X7 gives you home cinema sound so powerful you will think you at the movies, matched with the Audiolab AV Pre-Amplifier you can. If ever a brand typified the most conservative values of reliable, performance- driven British hi-fi, then Audiolab alongside its IAG stablemate, Quad, would be.

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Dynamic and muscular sound It’s a very functional looker, seemingly built to withstand a direct hit from a 4×4.

This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak. And in action, it sounds dynamic and tautly muscular when movie soundtracks get busy, offering casual authority over the most demanding loudspeakers. As 2 channel audio has become more and more Spartan and stripped-down in the pursuit of audiolsb sound quality, HT technology has raced off in the audiopab direction with its THX, HDMI, DTS-HD and a plethora of other acronyms that seemingly force a reinvention of the technology every year or so.

Which audiilab why the launch of its first AV product demands some serious attention. The DAC performance is impressive too, with notably fine high treble and very clear decay of notes into silence. I do have someone seeing if the can take it closer to the end of the month.


What Hi-Fi?

The amp is now sold. Some 18 months later, Audiolab has tried to address some of our concerns, but that long a timespan is an eternity in modern home cinema terms — just ask HD DVD manufacturers. But the latter is twice the price and doesn’t include seven channels!

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Audiolab X7 review | What Hi-Fi?

It really does sound very good. Simple design The X7 is a much less high-tech affair. For access to partner forums, contributor archives and other consumer audiolsb resources, please click on the links below Leave a Comment Cancel Your email address will not be published. Audiolab has been careful with real estate planning and it’s not a mad squeeze.

Audiolab 8000AP/8000X7 (£1000/£1500)

So are the changes timely, or too little, too late? Renew Now Dont miss an issue! Price is neg Gentleman and Lady It seems that a multichannel system like this can indeed give musical satisfaction.

It is in good condition but unfortunately no packaging.

Thanks for the pics, and thanks for the link Brian. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our use of cookies. This Audiolab kit still has its appeal if you’ve room for only one system, but while the multichannel power amp is great, the processor is the weak link in the chain.

Against Vocal clarity can be hit and miss. Both products performed beautifully during my listening tests, PCM audio from Blu-ray disc proving to be a treat with discs such as Rambo reallyI Am Legend and Bladerunner. Between the transformer and the output stages are seven channels of driver stages, implemented with a mixture of through-hole and surface-mount parts, mostly discrete transistors and decent-quality passive parts.


There is no on-board high-resolution audio capability True-HDas Audiolab figured that discerning HT fans would have an upmarket Blu-ray player with on-board decoding. The way of the warrior is NO match for the way of adiolab wife. That’s no bad thing, mind you, as the ‘X7 remains a seven-channel power amplifier of considerable charm.

MadHat on October 18, Light travels faster than sound. Indeed – and this may ruffle some feathers – it was felt to be one of the most ‘musical’ systems in the test. I have one of these amps for sale.

Such limitations as this duo has are to do with resolution and analysis and in these areas it is not a match for the Bryston. The same applied in the jazz track, where the bass seemed somehow slower than the melody. Brian J Trade Count: Mods can lock thanks. Happy Camper Trade Count: