AT91SAMQU Microchip Technology / Atmel ARM Microcontrollers – MCU 2x4kB SRAM MHz – PWM datasheet, inventory, & pricing. AT91SAMEK Microchip Technology / Atmel Development Boards & Kits – ARM Eval and code dev f/AT91SAM device datasheet, inventory, & pricing. AT91SAM Supported by the Crossware Development Suite for ARM Professional Edition. Graphical Code Creation Wizards: A/D Converter (ADC); Chip.

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It is recommended to stick with the defaults shown. In a first step the build directory will be prepared. On Linux, simply enter nutconf on the shell prompt.

Nut/OS on Atmel’s AT91SAM Evaluation Kit

Broadcom BCM Freescale i. It may amtel some time to finish. You do not need to know anything about it unless you want to implement new drivers etc. If the wrong repository had been loaded, you can correct this here.

At this point it is important to check, that the configuration is loaded from the correct installation directory. Check the displayed paths again and click OK.

Archived from the original on On the third at91sam92660 the build environment has to be specified.


Atmel ARM-based processors – Wikipedia

First some Configurator settings need to be specified. Allwinner A1x Apple A4 Freescale i.

They at91ssam9260 provided for DMA between external interfaces and memories increasing data throughput with minimal processor intervention. Double click on the file events. If you already created this directory before and modified any of the samples, your changes will get lost.

Creating this directory manually will fix this problem. Open a command line window, for example by executing cmd. In the first place we need the target board. We will now change to an evironment you may not be used too, the Windows command line. In any case make sure, that the Install Directory is located within the Build Directory and also check, that arm-gcc platform has been selected.

The Configurator allows to have any number of builds, each of which may support completely different targets or may differ in just a single configuration option. Start a terminal emulator like Hyperterm Windows default or TeraTerm much better.

Peripheral Simulation

If not correct, you may reload the configuration later. All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from October Articles with permanently dead external links. Check the output in the log window. Thus no specific programming hardware is required to program the final application into the on-chip flash memory. Don’t worry, nothing really complicated going to happen.


One is in Intel hex format events. The documentation for microcontrollers from past decades would easily be inclusive in a single document, but as at91sam9206 have evolved so has the documentation grown. On the first page, titled Repository you can specify the path of the repository file. It depends on your programmer or bootloader software, which one will be usefull.

In order to start the uploaded code, enter go 0x in the script window. A confirmation dialog appears, which unfortunately doesn’t clearly state the risk.


Click OK to start this build. In contrary to the rule stated above, backslashes can be used here. You should now see some output in the terminal emulator’s output window. ARM does not manufacture any complete silicon products, just intellectual property IP.