All Products in Shri Atma Siddhi Shastra Vivechan Gujarati. Je swarup samjya vinaSeve sadguru charan ne Set of CD’s &Types: VCD ₹ view. Atmasiddhi Shastra – Its Composition. At Nadiad in Kaira District, Shrimadji wrote out his famous Atmasiddhi in the form of a poetic dialogue in verses, at the A Short Summary of Atmasiddhi Shastra . Listen Attmasiddhi in Gujarati. Atma Siddhi (Gujarati: આત્મસિદ્ધિ) is a spiritual treatise in verse, composed in Gujarati by Although it is in poetry form, it is also known as Atma-siddhi Shastra as it enjoys a near-canonical status amongst the followers of Shrimad.

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There may be sharp intellect of frail body and poor intellect of healthy body.

Atma Siddhi – Wikipedia

By anger one binds actions and by forgiveness he loosens the knots of actions and becomes free himself. He then goes on shstra discuss the characteristics of attmasiddhi false believer and the true seeker of self. In reply, Shrimad wrote the famous letter also known as chha padno patra datedpropounding six fundamental truths, and inspired Lalluji Maharaj not to fear death. The soul is neither a body nor its senses, nor breath.

Regarding the nature of the soul it is said that as it is quite different from the body, no bodily sense organ can perceive the soul. The special characteristics of the persons who belong to the above two lines of thinking are described and all this is done to remove these drawbacks from all aspirants for soul-saving knowledge and experience.

In the final fifteen verses, the whole subject is brought to its natural close. The knowledge of the birth and death of the body can only be experienced by the soul if it guujarati separate from the body. It is explained in the verse The eyes and other senses are tools and collectively the soul obtains knowledge from the senses.


The Handwritten Shri Atma Siddhi Shastra

Retrieved from ” https: He calls them as six pada or six spiritual steps: The soul’s long standing infatuation to bodily forms is removed by the enlightening knowledge and guidance of the true Guru just like dispelling a long standing enveloping darkness by a ray of light.

This succinct and accurate composition is a masterpiece in philosophical literature. The body which is composed, has an end but the unique soul is neither composed nor decomposed. He can very easily see that these six steps are the highest decisions of the human Soul. Samyak darsana originates either intuitively by nature, that is, in the automatic course of affairs or through attainment that is, through external means like instruction etc.

Self-Study Kit

This letter has helped us to remove all our stray ideas and wandering thoughts. Hence, forgiveness is declared by Shrimad Rajchandra as the gateway to liberation.

If these steps are well followed then they can easily give birth to gkjarati fine discrimination discriminative knowledge on what is right and wrong in the human Soul. In the same way the karma arising out of anger can be destroyed by forgiveness. The disciple then concludes that he was satisfied with the replies to his first five doubts and he would feel fortunate if guru dispels his last doubt on the true path of liberation. Srimad first discusses the correct gujarari the false religious approach.

He instructed Lalluji to study and reflect upon the Atmasiddhi in solitude. This chapter also discusses the absolute necessity of having an enlightened Guru and characteristics of such Guru. Here I have briefly shown these six steps propounded by all-knowing saints—the steps which are the principal residence of Samyak darshan or right vision enlightenment of Jiva soul.

These six steps are totally true or correct, beyond all possible doubt, and this is indicated by the very high person, Bhagawan Mahavira. Hence, the talk of the source and decay of the soul is unmeaning.


Shri Atmasiddhi Shastra Vivechan Self Study Kit – Downloads – Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur

The pupil notes that there are so many religious paths and creed that it is difficult to understand which path leads to salvation. The pupil is now convinced that soul is the enjoyer and sufferer of its karma but doubts whether it is possible to destroy atmasiedhi the karmas and attain liberation.

This page was last edited on 2 Octoberat Shrimad further notes that: Humility is declared as the root atmaaiddhi true religion and therefore a disciple is advised to serve his Master without any reservation.

At NadiadKaira District of Gujarat, one of the disciple of Shrimad, Sobhagyabhai requested shatra to put up the subject matter of the letter in a poetry form, as it would be difficult to memorise the letter. The wrong habits of behavior can be removed by a spirit of non-attachment to worldly life.

To follow others is a sheer waste of time. At this stage the released soul is neither acting nor it is bothered with the fruits of action.

Such a soul eternally exists, it has no beginning and no end. The great Tirthankaras have reached the state of non-attachment to all bodily forms, hence, they are eternally free. By propounding the six fundamental truths or steps, Shrimadji basically summarized what ancient Jain philosophers had been saying in various texts.

This cannot happen if soul and body are the same. Hence at this suggestion, Shrimad composed the verse poetry in Gujarati called Atma-siddhi. Similarly, the soul also bears the result of its karma, even though the karma is lifeless. One is born a king and another a pauper—that cannot be without a cause, indicating existence of karma. Philosophically the soul and the body are two absolutely separate entities like the sword and its atmaskddhi.