For my summer course, “The Patristic and Medieval Interpretation of the Psalter”, we read Athanasius’ Letter to Marcellinus. Marcellinus is. Athanasius (c. ) Bishop of Alexandria, spiritual master and theologian, was a major figure of 4th-century Christendom. Letter to Marcellinus on the Psalms: Spiritual Wisdom for Today – Kindle edition by Athanasius of Alexandria, Joel C. Elowsky. Download it once and read it on.

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It’s interesting to note in this selection that it is not simply that the reader can start to internalize and take personally the Psalms, but that this is according to Athanasius and the old man an intended purpose of the Psalm – one of the reasons for which it is written.

After some brief Scriptural demonstration, Athanasius continues to emphasize how the Psalms are intended to be read, understood, and taken personally by the individual reader: Having said that, I’m not saying that our culture is totally destitute of morality.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Thanks for the reply. Certainly there would have to be more theological development in this regard, but I believe Sola Scriptura can be workable for the Catholic. Quite frankely sir, and I an open to correction on this from any Catholics, becasue the position has never been expressed this way before to my knowledge the more I read and research the Protestant Catholic debate on this subject, the more I wonder if the Church condemned the position of “Solo Scriptura” rather then “Sola Scriptura.

There are examples every day of folks who love and work for justice and righteousness. Two Lives of Charlemagne Penguin Classics.

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The Letter of St. Athanasius to Marcellinus on the Interpretation of the Psalms

The Letter to Marcellinus really helped me view the Psalms in a different light. What else do you get to read in this course? The Catholic Church as was pointed out in an article recently in citing Ratzinger’s book is quite content to let the Fathers be the Fathers.

And so you too, Marcellinus, pondering the Psalms and reading them intelligently, with the Spirit as your guide, will be able to grasp the meaning of each one, even as you desire. Notice how Athanasius indicates that Christ both serves as penal substitute “He Scripture as a Teacher Athanasius, as noted above, refers to the Scriptures as a teacher: Athanasius’ letter even provides some insight into Athanasius’ view of the atonement.


Thoughts of Francis Turretin: Athanasius to Marcellinus: How Sufficient are the Psalms?

Sufficiency of Scripture One of the points that the old man and Athanasius make is that the Psalter provides the final component and makes the athanasiue of Scripture sufficient to the man of God: It’s interesting that he even brings Isaiah into the discussion. That kind of loading is unwarranted.

Back The Sayings of the Desert Fathers: Consider for instance this quote: In my course on St.

Again, Saint Paul says, Tribulation worketh endurance, and endurance experience, and experience hope, and hope maketh not ashamed [Rom 5: There is also a theme presented in the letter that the Psalter is something that the individual is supposed to make his own: Instead, Athanasius insists that if Marcellinus has the Spirit he will, by intelligent study, grasp the meaning of each of the Psalms.

Paul linked this primitive unity athansaius the Church’s common Eucharistic bread: If you feel that a use of your material is “unfair” contact the blog owner: Notice that in the quotation above, the individual is made explicit.

Copyright Notice – C TurretinFan This blog tries to comply with international standards of “fair use” and “fair dealing” in its use of copied material. I’ve left the editorial bracketed citation to Matthew 8: That really is the most important thing.

Notice how he treats the Psalter as almost filling in what macrellinus be a gap in the rest of Scripture. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

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To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: For as the saints’ lives are lovelier than any others, so too their words are better than ever ours can be, and of much more avail, provided only they be uttered from a righteous heart.

Athanasius’ letter also has value for providing insight into many aspects of Athanasius’ view of Scripture: Instead, Athanasius and the old man insist that the individual can pick out his own cure from this medicine chest: The comment was one made by my professor.


Well done translation of Athanasius’ work. In fact, under all the circumstances of life, we shall find that these divine songs suit ourselves and meet our own souls’ need at every turn. Notify me of new comments via email.

JOURNAL ~ Psalms

So Athanasius is saying that one of the errors of the heretics is that they do not understand the divinely-authoritative infallible teachings of the Fathers, and that they do not understand these teachings as divinely-authoritative.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. If we cannot find the solutions for all the questions raised in the Scriptures, let us not seek for another God than he-who-is, for this would be the worst impiety. Athanasius teaches in On the Athanasihs that the possibility of corruption is explained by the fact that human nature is created out of nothing–not because God made it able to become mortal with a pre-planned retribution. I also don’t expect to find him free from error or free from inconsistency.

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Furthermore, the old man ends up excluding the Apocrypha deutero-canonical books fairly plainly by after discussing only the canonical works stating: But after him and with him are all inventors of unlawful heresies, who indeed refer to the Scriptures, but do not hold such opinions as the saints have handed down, and receiving them as the athznasius of men, err, because they do not rightly know them nor their power.

Clebsch of Stanford University, President of the American Academy of Religion, in his Preface to this volume, says, “This translator’s fidelity to the texts ensures that the reader receives in these works Athanasius’ meaning, so far as feasible in the order of his thoughts and in the equivalence of his words.

Don’t you just realized it by reading and thus interpreting and making up your own conclusions based on what you read in the Bible ro the Apostolic Tradition you are already exercizing and affirming authority ahhanasius yourself?

Saint Athanasius Popular Patristics.