Order the Atera Bicycle Carrier Strada Sports M3 – for 3 Bicycles online quickly and at low cost. The largest official Atera dealer – 1x ATERA Extension 3 & 4 bikes ATERA Extension 3 & 4 bikes Sport 3/ M 3/E-Bike. 5 LITRE CASTROL EDGE TITANIUM FSTā„¢ 0W A3/B4. Atera Strada Sport M 2+Extension 3. Bike+Rail Products with top quality and for a favourable price in our shop. Fast shipping and more than products.

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A 4th bike adapter is available. Well designed ensuring the bicycles are secure when in transit. There are different charges for any delivery including a sea crossing, and deliveries to Skye – we will contact you with a quote on receipt of order. This makes the car easier for parking, does not take up too much boot space and stops it being in the way if not needing to ateera bikes for a couple of days whilst away.

The only extra things I needed were some pipe insulation pieces to avoid bikes rubbing on each other due to their design. The only downsides are that it’s a bit heavy and the locking click device for securing in to the towbar is a bit temperamental on mine but I would still thoroughly recommend it. We’re therefore providing a free strap with each carrier – one strap per carrier!

Much easier to fit, much easier to load, and much more stable and secure while driving. Easy to use and easy to lift on and aterx the car.


Strada Sport M 2+Extension 3. Bike+Rail

It’s really important to select the correct vehicle, paying attention to the year of the manufacture. It takes less time to fit the removable tow bar, fit the carrier to the car, and put a bike on the carrier than it used to take to attach the strap-based rear carrier I used to use and secure a bike to it. This looks like a simple plastic strap, but it is in fact ‘sandwiched’ around a spring steel core. But it’s because we’ve learned a lot soort many years that customer feedback is so important.


Fairly strong and sturdy. I bought this bike rack just over a year ago. The online tutorials are well worth watching twice in my case!

These are the rules of the bike carriers Exchange Scheme: Tilt facility very handy and easy to use again once you have managed to interpret the instruction leaflet.

Two things to mention. This is usually because there is not aport space between the wheels and the shock absorbers; this can be a problem for ordinary SUVs and 4x4s as well as for high performance cars. However once on it is a brilliant piece of kit. Spotr pay the return carriage costs.

The straightforward tilting mechanism allows very comfortable access, to the trunk, even when the carrier is loaded. Each arm that secures the bikes has its own lock and the wheels are strapped in place using a ratchet style fitting which is so easy to use.


Our 90 day Exchange Scheme. This is by far the best made and simplest to use. My tow ball to bumper measurement was the same as the minimum clearance listed 60mm? This is handy, but it does mean that the bike-locks-to-carrier feature is only a very minor deterrent — It’s only a thumbscrew to remove the arm from the carrier, at which point a thief can make off with the bike and remove the arm later.

The 7 pin socket isn’t wired for these functions. Absolutely no connection, just a happy customer. However, once you know what you’re doing it’s a matter of seconds to attach the carrier to the car.

Great quality built product.

My wife manages to lift and fit it onto the towball O. A great bike rack, which we have used numerous times. Max number of bikes: Needs to be heavy to be robust enough but sometimes it is difficult to get onto and off the tow bar not just because of weight but getting the angle right to hook up. I wish I had bought one of these years ago!

Once set up with the arms in position it is a quick operation for loading and unloading. Tilting the rack to access the car boot is straea too.