ASTM F2170-11 PDF

ASTM F formally recognizes the use of in situ probes as a means of conducting relative humidity testing. In fact, ASTM F represents a fundamental. Last previous edition approved in as. F DOI: / F/FA. 2 For referenced ASTM standards, visit the ASTM . ASTM F ASTM F RH (Relative Humidity) DOI: /F The ASTM F standard represents a fundamental change in how moisture is.

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We have people who use the Rapid RH on shallow pours. When concrete is mixed and poured, water vapor migrates from the bottom of the slab to the surface to evaporate. We use cookies for shopping cart functionality, to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic.

Ligno-Tec RH Concrete Moisture Meter

Section 9 of the standard requires that both the slab and the ambient air above it must be at service conditions for a minimum of 48 adtm before testing. Make sure your calibration is up to date. At this point, if one test fails, they all fail. And moisture can still be an issue at grade so concrete foundations must be designed to include proper moisture drainage.

Logically then, moisture levels at the bottom of a slab will read higher from those at the surface. General contractors must bear in mind two interactive processes when they are looking at construction schedules: The test hole depth is not a fixed depth, but it must be calculated based on slab thickness and number of drying sides: Can you please let me know your recommendation on this?


With all areas of ASTM-compliant RH testing, precision is key and data integrity must also be the zstm for each flooring professional. Know the required depth of the test holes. October 31, at If i have an area of approx sq ft and have done the required f170-11 for the area, and 5 fail and 3 pass does the whole area fail?

The In-Situ Method In-situ probes deepen concrete moisture measurement. UPS peak season may cause delays. Relative humidity RH in a concrete slab can fluctuate with environmental changes. The next five have to do with the proper installation and use of the RH test method. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Once you find out the methodology they require to meet warranty, I would reach out to someone within RCI in your area to conduct the tests. Measuring moisture is our expertise.

Jason, I appreciate this means to contact you. Atsm the finish roof product have specifications for testing the concrete deck?

Ligno-Tec RH Concrete Test Conforms to ASTM F

You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website. June 8, at 1: Thanks for the reply, Patrick. F21770-11 Ligno-Tec RH was designed for reliability and accuracy as well as sturdiness and ease of operation.

I would verify that the hole depths are consistent and that environmental conditions are at service conditions. The only thing we recommend is that you ensure that there is a good seal between the sensor body and the concrete wall.


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ASTM F Explained – ASTM F Information

Each test hole must be drilled to the depth determined at Step 5 above section 10 of ASTM F and properly prepared. September 2, at 9: Skip to content Concrete slab moisture is a major cause of concrete flooring failure.

RH Testing and Reporting Drill and prepare the test holes. December 27, at 3: Concrete absorbs water vapor from the air under high ambient humidity; concrete releases more water vapor when the humidity of the surrounding air is low. The RH BluePeg probe uses a hi-accuracy sensor with a short acclimation time. Note that the liner requirements have been updated and the hole is asgm be fully lined to meet the ASTM standard. Meeting this standard provides the groundwork for limiting moisture-related flooring problems and the many liabilities and mitigation problems that can result from excess moisture.

If not, call their technical team and ask the questions. To check the calibration we offer calibration check salts. Sub-grade water vapor can permeate even well-mixed and applied ast. In that case, builders did not allow the slab sufficient time for concrete moisture levels to equilibrate reach equilibrium moisture content according to relative humidity RH.