This same Ashtapadi is also sung in the rag Kaanada in the Sampradaya bhajan Padhathi. The lyrics is also given for the benifit of rasikas. The Ashtapadi is a work by Jayadeva, a great devotee of Krishna. It is replete with elements conducive to bhakti rasa—music and dance. It was composed by. Jayadeva Ashtapadi Lyrics In Tamil Pdf Download.

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Useful Info e-Seva Portal Subscribe: The art of dance is a mingling of music with the ambient air.

Moksha is unalloyed bliss and all other lyrcis we experience are but drops of this Ocean of Bliss. Ashtapadi Bhajans are very popular where the Bhagavatar sings all the 24 Ashtapadis, including all the slokas.

Ashtapadi – Wikipedia

This Nayaka-Nayaki Bhava is not exclusive to our religion alone; it is found in Christianity and Islam too. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Ashtapadi is still continued to be sung as a ‘sopana sangeetham’ in almost all temples in Kerala in the very early hours of the day.

The Supreme Being, the Paramatma, is of the form of music.

Posted in Uncategorized 5 Comments. Although the original tunes of the ashtapadis were lost in history, they remain popular and are widely sung in a variety of tunes, and used in asgtapadi dance performances, across India. Many writers have specified the raga and tala in which these verses are set. About this blog Posted on December 4, by Mohan.


I am posting this after having been immersed with joyhearing songs fom bhajanspecialists gobilalitha. It was composed by Jayadeva at the Jagannatha Kshetra of Puri, while his wife, Padmavati, danced to its music.

This is the ashtspadi method of singing Ashtapadi.

I could not see this in CD shops in Chennai. Udayaloor Kalyanaraman and Sri. Sri Krishna is with his wife Viraja in Goloka.

Though these appear to be erotic in nature, they are replete with ideas from the Ashtapaei and so are sung even by renunciates. For starters, check out Dr.

Jayadeva’s Ashtapadi History, religion and culture.

He llyrics awaits the arrival of his devotees with eyes wide open. The lyrics is also given for the benifit of rasikas. This site uses cookies.

The meaning of these 8 slokas reveals who all the ‘Devatas’ r will be present during the auspicious occasion. Ashtaladi Geetha Govindam itself is a very popular Maha-Kavyam, being sung and heard sung for years and holds a prime position among list of other Devotional renderings. Please feel free to comment. Not the carnatic singer Sankaran Namboodiri whom I have mentioned.

He who gives joy to the mother who tied him to a mortar.

He gave the world deep, precious philosophical thoughts, through the eighteen puranas. The names given by Jayadeva to each of these sargas are also unique and meaningful. Prema Bhakti is, thus, portrayed in the songs of the Thevaram, the Divya Prabhandam and in the songs of many other devotees. It is sung in all types of Sampradaya Bhajans in South India as well as in all other parts of our Country.


Sadguru Swamigal of Maruthanallur had set each Ashtapadi in seperate ragas and that is still followed, I repeat only in the Bhajan Padhathi. These meaningful names explain the import of the Ashtapadi clearly.

Jayadeva Ashtapadi –

This is the story sung by Jayadeva in the 24 verses of the Ashtapadi. Welcome to the Gita Govinda blog. Jayadeva, on the same basis, composed 24 Ashtapadis. It is believed that this particular Ashtapadi contains all words known as ‘shodasaashari’ of the ‘ Sreevidhya’ asytapadi.

This CD- it says it is in the sopanam style. It has been prooved for centuries that conduct of Radhakalyanam brings marriages in the family as well as re-unions. They say little in between bhajans like a brief pravachanam.

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