Arunachala Aksharamanamalai Lyrics In Telugu Pdf. Dec 04, Arunachala Aksharamanamalai in Telugu. Arunachala shiva in telugu with lyrics – Duration. Bhagawan himself wrote Akshara Mana Malai in Tamil,Sanskrit and Telugu. Bride Ramana Maharshi proposes to bride groom Arunachala Siva to live a. Смотреть arunachala shiva in telugu with lyrics Скачать 3GP p, 3GP p, Sri Ramana Maharshi-Arunachala Akshara Mana Malai with.

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Home Help Search Login Register. Be not m like a mirror held up to a noseless man, but raise me from my lowness and embrace me, Oh Arunachala!


R Hero Member Posts: Thou dost root out the ego of those who dwell on their spiritual identity with Thee, Oh Arunachala! Have mercy on me, Arunachala! Treasure of benign and holy Grace found without seeking, steady my wandering mind, Oh Arunachala!

O Moon of Grace, with Thy cool rays as hands, open within me the ambrosial orifice arunachqla let my heart rejoice, Oh Arunachala!

arunachala shiva in telugu with lyrics – VideoZoos

Then didst thou shine motionless aloneOh Arunachala! October 06, I have come in. Thou dost root out the ego of those who meditate on Thee in the heart, Oh Arunachala!

In case you do not have it already, you can secure it when you go Asramam as per your indications. Is this then Thy all-kindness, Oh Arunachala? Oh, Thou art death to me, Arunachala! Who but Thyself can find out Iin, Oh Arunachala? Blessed be His devotees! Let the sea of joy surge, speech and feeling arunacala, Oh Arunachala! What hope is left for me, Oh Arunachala?


Aksharamanamalai, Verses

Thou didst benumb my faculties with stupefying power, then rob me of my understanding and reveal the knowledge of Thy Self, Aksgaramanamalai Arunachala! If spurned by Thee, alas! How is it teugu Thou hast become famous from Thy constant aksharamanajalai with the poor and humble, Oh Arunachala?

Dazzling Aksahramanamalai that swallowest up all the universe in Thy rays, with Thy light open the lotus of my heart I pray, Oh Arunachala! Thou art the primal being, whereas I count not in this nor in the other world. Thou hast cut the know which hid the vision of Thy head and foot the limitless Self.

What rests for me but the torment of my prarabdha? February 24, The eye of the eye art Thou, and without eyes Thou seest, Oh Arunachala! Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya.

I have betrayed Thy secret workings. Unite with me to destroy our seperate identities as Thou and me, and bless me with the state of ever vibrant joy, Oh Arunachala! When I melted away and entered Thee, my refuge, I found Thee standing naked like the famous Digambara!

I was caught in the trap of Thy grace! From my home Thou didst entice me, then stealing into te,ugu heart didst draw me gently into Thine, such is Thy grace, Oh Arunachala! What value has this birth without knowledge born of realization? Now measure out for me my maintenance is now Thy burden.

If now Thou turn me away, the world will blame Thee, Oh Arunachala! Hill of patience, bear with my foolish words, felugu them as hymns of joy or as Thou please, Oh Arunachala!


With madness for thee thou hast freed me from madness for the world ; grant me now the cure of all madness, Oh Arunachala! Can the net of Thy grace ever fail, Oh Arunachala?

This joyful Marital Garland of Letters, which resembles a beam of the rays of the rising sun, was sung by the noble sage, Ramana, the ocean of compassion, with the object of removing the delusion of the devotees who sought his grace. It is the truth itself!

Child of Arunachala Full Member Posts: Throw Thy garland about my shoulders wearing Thyself this one strung by me, Arunachala! Blessed be this Akshadamanamalai Garland of Letters!

Vouchsafe the knowledge of eternal life that I may learn the glorious primal wisdom, and shun the delusion of this world, Oh Arunachala! Unless Thou do so who can intercede with Grace itself made manifest, Oh Arunachala? Unattached to the akshagamanamalai frame composed of the five Elements, let me forever repose happy in the sight of Thy splendour, Oh Arunachala! Motherlike, shouldst thou not complete Thy task, Oh Arunachala?

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Show me Thy grace now openly and save me, Oh Arunachala! The moment Thou didst welcome me, didst enter into me and grant me Thy divine life, I lost my individuality, Oh Arunachala! What crime gelugu marked me off for Thy wrathOh Arunachala?