Zyre is right, and you need to go back to the Arbeitsagentur pronto and .. Then, there is the Arbeitsbescheinigung related to unemployment. you became aware of it and when your last day was (Arbeitsbescheinigung). The Arbeitsagentur is incentivizing a pro-active approach to doing everything. Arbeitgeber können eine Arbeitsbescheinigung ausstellen, obwohl die letzte Lohnabrechnung eines Mitarbeiters noch offen ist. Darauf weist die Arbeitsagentur.

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After working longer than 6 months at a company you are entitled to a written reference-Arbeitszeugnis. If unemployed people lack certain skills such as using Excel etc, the Arbeitsagentur may send them on a course to learn such skills and thus improve their chances on the job market.

Meaning of “Arbeitsagentur” in the German dictionary

So as a it contractor, there are no unemployment benefits, so no income what so ever and we will nee to move to our country back home, but we have a contract made in august for a new apartment 1 year contract. You will qualify if you are a registered person who has worked at least 12 months in the last two years.

The person who handles your case will explain everything to you including next steps. Probably when I provided them with arbeitsbescheinigung, salary slips, social security statements from Germany, they are convinced that I worked in Munich. You can do this very easily by following this link. They are sending letters and requiring the Arbeitsbescheinigung, even if she explained many times that the employer refused to send it.

SiB arbwitsagentur on Facebook too.

For people coming from other countries

Without both you will only be sent away again. As a rule, it is any registered person that has worked at least 12 months in the past 2 years. I would really appreciate feedback or advice from folks on the forum. I am currently unemployed and I need to fill a form with a list of 10 applications per month where I applied.


You will obtain a arbeitsagentir to wait in line and a person working there will process your case and give you more instructions. Also once i apply for the arbeitlossgeld can i travel outside arbeitsbescheinifung country??

Once the form is submitted, the process is usually really fast.

E from Germany – English Forum Switzerland

Usually it’s the same people you talk to. You can register online here. They form the safety net that will catch you when you need it. Then, there is the Arbeitsbescheinigung related to unemployment, a 4-page document see Arbeitsagentur, Formulare which can only be filled out by the employer and which has all the data length of work contract, weekly work hours, salary etc necessary for calculating the amount of Arbeitslosengeld.

You can find this legal text here: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. E from Germany Good news. Please refer also to this date in case you have more difficulties. It is unclear to me if I have to be a German resident or what the process is.

Posted 22 Nov The time now is Unemployment benefit is usually paid directly into your bank account just like your salary would be, and you will receive backdated payments to your first day of unemployment — presuming arbeitsagetur applied on arbeitsbescheinihung day or before. These should have been given to you at your first appointment – or maybe they were, and you didn’t realise that you need to fill them out.

You must have completed 12 months of employment within the last 2 years. They are currently processing my request. It is compulsory to attend in order to communicate what your plan is.

I was recommended to accept a part-time job in a role I had no experience in. I have been paying into insurance for 2. Please use the YEA web form https: AFAIK you can submit the “basic” form electronically, but all the rest need to be filled out and submitted as a hard copy – and are only available at the Arbeitsagentur.


E from Germany It is possible to club different periods of work in EU.

With these 2 factors, am I eligible for Arbeitslosengeld? You boss announced the news personally or over email: In terms of support length: I am an Irish citizen and resident but I work in the offshore wind turbine industry in the North Sea off the coast of Germany. My current job is getting finished this month and the next month will start in another 2 months. But I may be wrong, and anyone else will read it in same way. Thank you for your question.

The country also seems to understand that sometimes, this can take a while. However, if I register during December or January and wait 3 months…. You are entitled to an Arbeitsbescheinigung if you have worked for less than 6 months at a company. What you call Arbeitsbescheinigung in the above post is also called einfaches Arbeitszeugnis short employer’s referenceas opposed to a qualifiziertes Arbeitszeugnis detailed reference.

That’s the simple logic I can think about.

Thanks so much for feedback guys. Just to be sure:. It depends what your visa says. Your posts are amazing and very helpful. Optimista’s link is to a German explanation of the forms you need to submit. By continuing to use this website you agree to our use of cookies.