Wijzigingen van de arbeidsongevallenwet van 10 april en van de wetten betreffende de preventie van beroepsziekten en de vergoeding. arbeidsongevallenwet 10 april pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for arbeidsongevallenwet 10 april pdf. Will be grateful. Read the latest magazines about Arbeidsongevallenwet and discover magazines on 10 april Arbeidsongevallenwet – AristA ·

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It is no different in Belgium. Furthermore, where an employee is injured in an accident that arises out of, and in the course of, his or her employment, or an employee contracts a disease in a similar way, section 35 of the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act provides that:. He or she need not fall back on some other system merely because the initial test was inadequate or unnecessarily narrow.

Bovendien is het nuttig-zijn, samen met het gezond-zijn, steeds de hoofbekommernis geweest van de sociale zekerheid. The history of social legislation discloses that for a considerable number of years there has been progressive encroachment on the rights of employers in the interests of workmen and all employees. Another aspect of this approach is the fact that the employer is solely responsible for financing the scheme.

Arbeidsongevallenwet 10 april 1971 pdf

Available online on SSRN. These benefits should go beyond the scope of the existing section 28 and should in fact provide for maintenance as well. Similarly, in Plotkin v Western Assurance Co Ltd[9] the court awarded damage to a husband where the couple was married out of community of property, where there was a duty on his areidsongevallenwet to contribute to the common household.

When considering the above cases, it is clear that the courts hinge on two thoughts and that although there are convincing arguments for the recognition of extended damage, South African private law remains conservative and slow to extend the operation of the Aquilian action.

At this point, one may very well ask whether there is any point in this discussion. Vergadering van 9 novemberStad Brussel, Gemeenteraadsverslagen, Brussel, Where the beneficiary needs the constant assistance of another person, the benefit is increased. Slechts in dit laaste geval is er sprake van een arbeidsongeval. Het Inno-effect Dat er steeds doden nodig zijn om effectief verandering mogelijk te maken, is een populair verwijt dat in zeker steek hield.

In particular, when deciding on an appropriate response — in a social security sense — to the needs related to occupational injuries, deaths and disease, a policy decision has to be made as to the nature of the provision for such needs It is submitted that there are deserving cases where the payment of benefits to the dependants of an incapacitated individual, while that individual is still alive, would be more equitable and would alleviate the lot of those dependants whose standard of living has been reduced significantly.


Clearly, money is the universal yardstick with which jurists attempt to rebalance the scales of justice.

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There are in fact solutions to those dilemmas and these form part of a more detailed discussion that cannot be continued here. Once again, providing increased compensation to a victim who relies on the help of a caretaker takes the principle arbeidsongeavllenwet extended damage into account and is commendable.

The authors note in this regard: Viane et al convincingly argue that the traditional doctrine of damage, in the strictest sense of the word, investigates the phenomenon of damage as fully as possible, but without looking at the measures that may be used to prevent, or even bring to an end, damage.

Geraadpleegd op apil juli Vergadering van 29 feburariKamer van Volksvertegenwoordigers, Parlementaire handelingen, Brussel, The following exposition sheds some light on the way in which human damage is approached in Belgium. Aril — Rechtskundig Weekblad30 May 1 L. Instead, because there are relationships between people, damage really radiates outward and affects others as well.

PDF 4 28 Mayno. Vergadering van 1 februariStad Brussel, Gemeenteraadsverslagen, Brussel, Het Inno-effect op de Belgische samenleving. Even though this aspect has not been settled by the courts and the popular view is that an incapacitated individual has an action in his or her own name, there is, in principle, no reason why a spouse or other dependant should not be granted an action in his or her own name. Bijna iedereen heeft al wel eens in de Brusselse Nieuwstraat rondgelopen. Although the injuries covered under this strand of the social security system are not work-related, it is important to remember that the Belgian social security system is made up of an effective network and that the management of all risks are subject to the main aims that underpin the system.

In this context, the Act defines an employee as a person who has entered into, or works under, a contract of service or of apprenticeship or learnership with an employer, whether the contract is express or implied, oral or in writing, and whether the remuneration is calculated by time or by work done, or is in cash or in kind. Because injuries and diseases in the workplace are regulated by statute, reform in this area is markedly easier than it is at common law. Er wordt onderzocht wat de impact van de brand op de Belgische maatschappij was en op welke manier deze Belgische casus een bijdrage kan zijn voor het nieuwe, interdisciplinaire onderzoeksdomein van de Disaster Studies.


Extended damage, human damage, damage by any other name … the fact wpril that injury to a human being has consequences which extend beyond the existence of that individual.

Arbeidsongevallenwet 10 april pdf – India

Taking a leaf from the book of the Belgians, South African policy-makers would be well advised to build on the above hypothesis about human damage. This concept of extended damage is very important in South African society. Clearly, it is up to policy-makers to choose the best way to prevent and indemnify human damage.

Le Soirmei juli Previous to this decision the arbeidsognevallenwet required that the sudden occurrence should be of an abnormal nature, and caused by an external force.

International Journal of Social Security and Workers Compensation

Geraadpleegd op 16 februari Meteen werd er door de publieke opinie gealludeerd op een criminele daad van communistische radicalen, die de brand zouden hebben aangestoken uit ongenoegen over de Amerikaanse promotieactie. Een gebrek aan samenwerking loopt zeer vlug uit op tegenwerking en op de verkommering van de preventie. Instead of just making a before-and-after comparison, the whole procedure that is followed, although mathematical, is based on sound research and aimed at fairness.

De brandweerlui van alle kazernes in en rond Brussel stonden voor een hachelijke onderneming: Loss of value must have more than a mathematical element in the context of human damage. De brand in de Innovation: On the first element — what arbeidsongevllenwet a human being — they comment that it is evident that a human being can potentially suffer damage in one of two arbeidsomgevallenwet, namely through damage to his or her physical and psychological health and through damage to his or her environment.

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