I was just wondering if anyone was running the aquamist 2d water injection setup . Seems like a very well put together water injection system. My Aquamist 2D Install Water/Methanol Injection, Nitrous & Intercooler Cooling. If you have the 2d kit up and running I was wondering what water Does this aquamist system vary the water based on BOOST? or is it like my.

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Aquamist Water Injection Cooling. Steve Kan missed his flight out of Dallas. This is not entirely true.

What Is Your Input About The Aquamist 2d Injection

No the DDS3 is a great add-on to any system. Originally posted by Cheers! Find More Posts by Angular.

This process is not to be confused with Intercooler Misting which is the process of spraying the exterior of 2 intercooler s with water. He also had a lot of experience with these systems and shared some tips and various results. Here again thanks to all involved. Find More Posts by ZeroBanger.

What Is Your Input About The Aquamist 2d Injection – NoPistons -Mazda Rx7 & Rx8 Rotary Forum

Do not tap into any piggyback fuel injectors. Find More Posts by nothere. I clipped off the rubber tip to use that passageway into the ECU box: Abner, I was surfing the aquamist site but can’t find the dds3.

I can see all 3 LEDs from the aquamizt position through the steering wheel: Because of its huge specific- and latent- heat capacity, water is the perfect liquid for regulating excess heat under certain engine-operating conditions, for example induction charge air cooling; but its biggest contribution is inside the combustion chamber where, under excessive loading, pre-ignition and detonation can otherwise occur.


However, by using up aqumaist 40 percent alcohol with the water, additional cooling takes place before the turbo, and the alcohol works as a fuel in the charge. Also, it was high enough that it provided a gravity feed to where I decided to mount the pump: Why not take a minute to register for your own account now? When the water changes from the liquid to gas state, large amount of heat energy is consumed in sustaining the process.

That only gives you a user definable linear rate during boost ramp-up. Send a private message to Angular. I now run more advance and the car and I are much happier.

Originally Posted by l2r99gst. I’ll be running more boost but leaner. Did the seller not have any advice on the installation?

Including all of that, we worked for about 9hrs on Sat and 11 on Sun, at which point we had everything together including bumper except the wiring – that was done Monday night. It is not a linear relationship.

I read up on water a lot before embarking on this project. The following errors occurred with your submission. To ensure that each rotor receives exactly the same dosage, we deliver the coolant in a fine mist: Well it wasn’t, it was the other way around. Send a private message to Schnell! ERL has just revived this old principle, applying the latest techniques in both electronic and mechanical engineering to take water injection into the next millennium.


He had to scramble around for another flight and he was 7 hours late. As you can see by the pictures everything needs to be cleaned up and made look nicer. The main function of these systems is to suppress detonation caused by high temperature and pressure developed within the combustion chamber when the effective compression ratio has been taken beyond the auto-ignition point by either a turbo or a supercharger.

The ratio of water to fuel is governed by the water injector size. But the desire to extract more power from the standard production engine has increased at a neck-breaking speed.

I suppose I could just bypass the high speed valve and have full pump flow when the pressure switch activates. That alone makes me want to go with this system.

Aquamist 2d water injection – EvolutionM – Mitsubishi Lancer and Lancer Evolution Community

Quote message in reply? Find More Posts by nothere. DDS2 Dash Display System Dash-board Display for monitoring water flow, user define warning levels for controlling external boost controller to reduce boost when abnormal water flow is detected.