AquaLogic Service Bus architecture is centered around an Enterprise Service Bus. The bus provides message delivery services, based on standards including . BEA Systems, Inc. was a company specialized in enterprise infrastructure software products . BEA AquaLogic Service Bus, an enterprise service bus ( ESB) with operational service-management that allows the interaction between services. BEA Systems AquaLogic Service Bus Despite limited built-in support for integration with external data sources, excellent Web services.

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AquaLogic Service Bus Architecture

Message processing logic is specified in message flow definitions when defining a proxy service. This script outputs the product breadcrumb required for edocs documentation.

AquaLogic Service Bus manages the routing and transformation of messages in an hus system to promote seamless application integration. The following figure illustrates a high-level message flow process through the AquaLogic Service Bus, from inbound endpoint proxy service to outbound endpoint service transport URL – a business service or another proxy service.

Message flow elements can be combined in arbitrary ways to form a tree structure with the start node always and only occurring as the root of the tree and the route nodes. The tutorials describe a typical Mortgage broker scenario for bis loan application request.

Henley Mark Hurd Jack F. Feeds or widget will contain only vulnerabilities of this product Selected vulnerability types are OR’ed.

Concepts and Architecture

Failover and Load Balancing: The last nodes in a branch leaf nodes may be route nodes or echo nodes. By fusing sergice concepts of the ESB, message brokering, and operational services management into a single product, BEA AquaLogic Service Bus allows management and integration of messages and services across a services network.


This facilitates changing of many similar environment values in a convenient way.

bue The following high-level architecture diagram illustrates AquaLogic Service Bus and its functional subsystems: It facilitates these capabilities by allowing the configuration of proxy services with interfaces that are independent of the end-point business services.

Routing a Loan Application demonstrates how AquaLogic Service Bus facilitates routing of messages within an enterprise. The inbound transport layer is the communication layer between client services or service consumers and AquaLogic Service Bus. This page was last edited on 7 Novemberat The Change Center has the unique ability to lock its current configuration while changes are being made, letting the service bus continue to receive and process requests for services while configuration changes are being made in the console.

It is also possible to import only a subset of the exported data. Install AquaLogic Service Bus. Routing a Loan Application is based on scenarios that buw how AquaLogic Service Bus facilitates the routing of messages within an enterprise.

The request message starts at the start node and follows a path to a leaf node, executing actions in the request pipelines. The files aqualotic pre-built business services that support the building of the tutorial solutions are located in the following directory:.

A primary mortgage company uses AquaLogic Service Bus to route loan applications to appropriate business services. AquaLogic Service Bus supports the following capabilities for the transformation or processing of messages:. The following tutorials are available: AquaLogic Service Bus is an intermediary that processes incoming service request messages, determines routing logic, and transforms these messages for compatibility with other service consumers.


A message from the business service is output to the command line. After you complete the steps required to set up the tutorials, you are ready to proceed to Tutorial 1.

One or more projects, or select resources from one or more projects can be exported. AquaLogic Service Bus is also used to manage your Web services.

Introduction to the BEA AquaLogic Service Bus Tutorials

The implementation of a proxy service is specified by a message flow definition. A stage is a user-configured processing step. The configuration functions are separated from the management functions in the AquaLogic Service Bus Console.

It propagates configuration and metadata automatically to the managed servers for fast local retrieval, and it automatically collects monitoring metrics from all the managed servers for aggregation and displays them on the AquaLogic Service Bus Console. This cluster servixe host other applications in addition to AquaLogic Service Bus.

The company’s name is an initialism of the first names of the company’s three founders: Java programs or scripts can be used to automate deploying an application or for moving a configuration from staging to production.

The service bus uses the new service and resource configuration when changes are activated.

Use of this information constitutes acceptance for use in an AS IS condition. The Configuration Wizard guides you through the process of creating a new domain using the configuration templates. Many configuration updates and import of multiple JAR files is permitted in a single session.