Mail Print this Page Print. Agricultural Produce Markets Act, , Gujarat. Year English | kb. Amending Acts, Download. Amendments – Guj. 2 of . An Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) is a marketing board established by a state Some of the salient features of the APMC Model Act are as follows. 1) Facilitates contract farming model. 2) Special market for perishables. Under the previous act of , all the agriculture products had to be sold by the local Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC). But as.

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However, the government is now encouraging direct selling through ‘Rautu Bazar’ or to supermarkets directly. What this practically does is to allow traders or processors to deal directly with farmers.

Each state which operates APMC markets geographically divide the state. Every APMC is a centralized market place, a meeting point for seller’s ,buyers 1936 agent’s.

Agricultural produce market committee – Wikipedia

Agriculturists residing in the market area and being 21 years of age on the date specified from time to time by the Collector in this behalf. The town has tried in vain to emerge as anything but a disputed site that divides religious communities.

What the ordinance does is to introduce competition. Secondly, the APMC mandis will be forced to invest in infrastructure and improve their quality of services to attract farmers and buyers. This article needs additional citations for verification. The APMCs are also expected to ensure payments to farmers on the same day their acf is auctioned and regulate the commission fees charged by the mandi intermediaries who facilitate trades.


The mandis are supposed to provide infrastructure, such as market yards where the produce gets auctionedweighing machines, godowns, parking and washroom facilities, etc. The complete process of such sale including the acy, grading, weighment,payment and temporary storage that are controlled by a regulating body represented by the democratically elected member’s.

Express Archive Maharashtra has become the second state after Bihar to allow trade in all farm commodities, including livestock, outside the regulated Agriculture Produce Market Committee APMC wholesale markets or mandis. Maharashtra apmmc can strike deals with buyers right at the farmgate, and the point of first sale 19963 not have to be an APMC mandi. But these levies — ranging from 0. Maharashtra has become the second state after Bihar to allow trade in all farm commodities, including livestock, outside the regulated Agriculture Produce Market Committee APMC wholesale markets or mandis.

Agricultural produce market committee

Due to the competition, the farmers get bonus plus fair and reasonable price FRP for their sugarcane. Citing the example of the exponential growth of the sugar industry in Maharashtra, Deshmukh said when the sugar industry was under control, there were fewer sugar factories and sugarcane sale was confined to certain geographical area.

In the last 15 years, the act has undergone major amendments. The latest amendment further unshackles the sale of farm products by the farmers, it brings in new concepts such as Market Yard of National Importance and defines APMC infrastructure such as Warehouse, Silos and Cold Storage facilities.

Rahul Wadke Updated on November 04, Markets mandis are established at different places within the state. In the new year, marketers will have to focus on four new essentials. Various agricultural produce commodities are regulated under the Act. The Pune APMC, meanwhile, appealed to the farmers from the state as well as from outside to bring their produce to the market and sell those directly. The committee is responsible for providing the required infrastructre as well as preventing malpractices by functionaries.

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But this additional money never reaches the farmers. The state government of Karnataka has created APMCs in many towns to enable farmers to sell their produce at reasonable prices. Five things to watch out for January 1, A peek into the most important events happening in With the objective of ensuring a fair price to farmers, the Government established autonomous bodies called A. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

It helps with price risk management and facilitates effective competition. Chairman of the Panchayat Samiti within the jurisdiction in which the market area is situated, President or Sarpanch of the local authority within the juridiction of which the principal market is situated.

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This article is closed for comments. Wholesale and retail traders e. Cities were renamed, liberals were shouted down and vegans found their voice.