ARD. Digital Processing. Communications Receiver. Operating manual. AOR, LTD. AOR and the AOR logo are trademarks of AOR, LTD. All other. ARD. 40kHzGHz, Professional Grade Communications Receiver. Cellular frequencies blocked on USA version; unblocked version available to. Find great deals for AOR ARD Wideband Communications Receiver. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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I’d love to run tests on it against the and the but I don’t own either. Some will argue that increasing the IF bandwidth will cause interference or more noise to be included.

AOR AR5001D Wideband Communications Receiver

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Included In This Package Operating anomalies Should the Oar appear to behave strangely, normal op erations may be easily achieved by performing the following steps: I think I’m going to try the Wellbrook. People have told me that I would get much better performance from a dedicated HF sdr like a Perseus?

Page 44 This function is especially useful when you travel abroad with your receiver. I opted out of arr5001d RX immediately because there was no spectrum display.


ar501d What’s new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity. Just want to point out one more time as i did in another thread that the AR does not scan due to a firmware or software bug. Joined Feb 21, Messages 2, Location Charlottesville. I’ve been in this hobby and profession for more than 30 years and it’s without a doubt the best receiver I have ever owned.


So, I am attempting to provide this page to help others get through some of the less well-documented features. Panadapter adjustment The manual already shows how to change freq span and moving the spectrum.

Media New media Search media. I’ll continue to search for the best price and I’ll post it when I do. I concur with Scott. If you’re planning to scan you’ll be better off with a quality scanner. ENT — This key is used to confirm entry in most menus.

Page 10 High frequency If you enjoy searching for activity in depth these receivers are among the best you can get. This IF output signal may be suitab le as an RF front end for radio signal analysis applications.

Others ar55001d it’s interfering with their operations, or just plain think it’s a mortal sin, but, the fact is that some hams who still operate at 3 KHZ or less use older equipment, which puts out 3KHZ of audio or less, but have a span of splatter 7KHZ wide and this is acceptable to others.

The ARD will automatically select the receive mode, IF bandwidth, and frequency step from the pre-programmed band plan. I own both AR and R I am sure the R ar500d1 better and less susceptible to overload but in my applications the clean IF is more important.

The seems almost like test equipment and the AOR line looks like something stuck in a shed xr5001d some remote hilltop location and remotely controlled from Langley, VA or some embassy somewhere. I’m hoping to buy an AOR D pretty soon.


Or, press the [DOWN] key to move to the next item on the configuration menu.

AOR ARD Wideband Communications Receiver

I’ve found no receiver the can out perform the IC-R for both sensitivity and strong signal handling, AOR receivers are junk in comparison, on a decent antenna they overload with ease, their so called commercial flagship receiver the AR-Alpha is also crap, see the link below to one of my test videos on it.

Most hams who are running wideband try their best to stay out of the way to avoid interfering and totally refrain from operating on contest days where contesters are occupying every cycle of the bands, sometimes overlapping each other. You might be pleasantly surprised that it sounds a bit bitter if there are no nearby stations interfering.

Page of 95 Go.

ra5001d Joined Dec 26, Messages You’re not setting this up to please someone else. I’m sure their engineering staff has the capability. Another feature that drives up the price is the external reference input which is useful in high frequency applications. Status Not open for further replies.