“In Stitches” by Dr. Anthony Youn is an award-winning, best-selling memoir about medical school. Rated a ‘must-read’ for anyone interested in medicine. In Stitches has been chosen as a Michigan Notable Book! Publisher’s Weekly: In his first book Youn looks back from the cushy perspective of the plastic . Scrubs meets David Sedaris in this hilarious fish-out-of- water memoir about a young Korean-American nerd turned renowned plastic surgeon. Tony Youn grew .

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The satisfaction of making a change antuony a patient’s life is what got Tony addicted to his career in plastic surgery. Developing a jaw deformity as a teenager, Youn undergoes a series of surgeries that we are led to believe have an eventual impact on his decision to become a cosmetic surgeon. Humorous and energetic, the author takes us along with him in medical school on his way to becoming a surgeon. But the book left me wanting to know more, I thought it’d cover more than just med school, so I was surprised when I was at the end but that’s probably more of a sign of good writing.

I have read lots of so-called humor books that lack substance; the writer tried too hard to be funny. I read this is one night and didn’t want the stories to end!

It’s less about Youn becoming a doctor and more about stiitches desperately chasing women. Poking up at me like twin peaks.

With the help of his more smooth and suave friends, Anthony finally finds himself at peace within a very successful relationship. I ended up feeling that Youn was very immature, even in his reflections and digressions, and it bothered me that so much of his story revolved around his not being able to get lucky. He knows exactly when to stop. Youn makes it explicit that his Asian background and cultural heritage account largely for his feelings of being an outsider in a majority caucasian world.



Nurse Keith’s Digital Doorway: In Stitches: A Memoir by Anthony Youn, MD

I’m well past that stage and even embarrassed to bring back those memories. Treating a child is like treating Fido. My Education in Medicine and Motherhoodthis book seemed needlessly self-aggrandizing, especially when he calls himself a doctor before starting his residency whereas Michelle felt like an imposter even after finishing her residency. And a lot of it was surprising. Scrubs meets David Sedaris in this hilarious fish-out-of- water memoir about a young Korean-American nerd turned renowned plastic surgeon.

It was almost as if there was an imperfect amalgamation between the two stories; one half-reflecting the same cares and woes that most teenage boys experience, and one half-filled with the exciting and fuel-laden drama of life as a medical student. This book is not what you expect from a modern plastic surgeon.

Open Preview See a Problem?

And then I started to remember all the stories of my husband and his journey through medical school What are we, twelve? Reviews for In Stitches. If I were the ghostwriter, I youm have focused on Youn’s childhood, skipped ahead through most of the sexual angst, and then continued the stihches on into residency and maybe the first year or so of private practice. Another reviewer described his descriptions of women to be caricatures, and that’s dead on.

I just won this book free as a goodreads giveaway! Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Reviews for In Stitches

Originally, I though plastic surgery was for wealthy people who wanted to be more attractive. His characterization of women throughout is sophomoric. Though I never would have picked it up on my own, the core of Youn’s story is so relatable and interesting family, love, ambition, loneliness, identityI’m glad someone slipped it to me.

I had no idea he was on so many television programs, but now that I know his name and looked at a few You Tube videos, I am going to start checking out this personable physician.

Happiness wins the competition here. Nov 10, Saloni More rated it it was amazing Shelves: One of my anthny books I’ve ever read. Ranks up there with classics like House of God. Feb 06, Judith K. Perryauthor of The Real Life of a Surgeon.


In his first book Youn looks back from the cushy perspective of the plastic surgeon at his transformation, letting readers in on a secret: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Until the last quarter. Another reviewer des The vast majority of this book is awful.

In Stitches: A Memoir

He shares an important insight about his family dynamics when we learn how his brother’s academic performance ramped up pressure for him.

He entered a shy, skinny nerd with no nerve, no game, and no clue. The vast majority of this book is awful. Afte In this introspective and witty memoir, Anthony Youn, a young Korean doctor, shares the passage of his life from early childhood and adolescence to his frantic foray through medical school, culminating in his residency in plastic surgery.

Offering a window into a side of medicine that most people never see, Youn shares his bumpy journey from a shy, skinny, awkward nerd into a renowned and successful plastic surgeon. Too tall and too thin, he wore thick Coke-bottle glasses, braces, Hannibal Lecter headgear, and had a protruding jaw that one day began to sstitches, expanding to an unthinkable, monstrous size. Most of all, instead of feeling detached from them, as I assume most doctors do, I feel attached to them.

On the other hand, he has a pretty clear and deep sense of what life is all about; what make us human. The parts of the memoir that I enjoyed the most were those where the author discussed his anthiny for plastic surgery, and how he discovered that passion. And Other White Lies: