Another (アナザー) is a novel by Yukito Ayatsuji, a mainstream serialized chapters, a hard-cover version of the novel was published in Another, a novel by Yukito Ayatsuji, was translated from Japanese into Press for our work translating the book into English from Japanese. Another (アナザー, Anazā) is a Japanese mystery horror novel by Yukito Ayatsuji, published on . Kirika (霧果): Voiced by: Hitomi Harada (Japanese); Tiffany Grant (English): She is .. Original Japanese version published by Kadokawa Shoten.

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But still, I enjoyed this story. I did, however, feel like the book dragged considerably and I grew increasingly frustrated with the main character, Koichi Sakakibara’s attempt to unravel the mystery of Mei Misaki and the strange curse of Class 3 at North Yomi school. I will suggest you to read the manga version of Another instead, I enjoy the manga more than the original novel. It’s a paced intellectual story about a supernatural curse that has befallen third year middle-schoolers in fictitious Yomiyama, Japan.

Several of the characters had similar names — Mikami, Mizuno, Misaki first nameMisaki surname — and so I sometimes found myself confusing some of the incidental characters. But anyway, they’re fine as characters. Perhaps in the end it will eventually be the entire book. Another is a psychological horror suspense novel. If your somebody who doesn’t mind a snail pace start and atmosphere building then give then I recommend it.

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Yen Press has licensed the original four-volume manga in North America and released it as an omnibus. The second element is subtlety. It might be a last name, ayatwuji it may not be a girl. The novel was originally serialized in Kadokawa Shoten’s literary magazine Yasai Jidai in intermittent periods between the August and May issues. Oct 26, Jessica Strider rated it really liked it.


ANOTHER (NOVEL) by Yukito Ayatsuji | Yen Press

The curse is said to be tied to an incident which enlgish twenty-six englush ago. However, upon completion I learned that I was incorrect in my assumption. There were two photos. Translation of novels, particularly fiction, can be very challenging because the subject matter springs from the imagination of the author.

Akibat kepura-puraan mereka, orang yang tidak pernah wujud itu terus wujud setiap tahun dan mengakibatkan kemalangan dan kematian terhadap ahli kelas itu.

I’m a very visual reader and also a fan of anime and manga, so I was easily able to visualize the characters and setting. Retrieved December 5, I only recognized them because I’m already well aware of what was going on. I’m not sure if the description is a direct translation of the Japanese or if it’s just American mistake.

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My feelings of disbelief are stronger. All I could think was that it felt cool. Volume 1 is being released in hardcover on October 28th, Retrieved August 10, The story is originally a magazine serialization that dates hranslation to I hope to be able to bring you many more critical reviews of young adult novels in the future.

For a novel like Another to be a commercial success in a different language you need a skilled and creative translator who can capture the magic of the author’s meaning and imagination and recreate translate or trans-create it in a such a way that it makes sense and is appealing to the buyers in the new market.


Despite this one notable complaint, I engkish quite enjoyed Another. The breakdown of my rating is therefore as follows: Lost in translation is an apt way to describe the experience – though I don’t merely mean the translation from Japanese to English. They don’t give you enough information as they should in a detective novel so that you may solve the mystery as well.

Is there actually a vengeful spirit in the book?

ANOTHER (NOVEL) by Yukito Ayatsuji

I just finished the huge hardcover edition and can confirm that eng,ish is BOTH volumes in one. There’s a rawness to the story that makes me believe that a child dictated to the writer rather than the writer inventing it. While I personally think it worked better as an anime, I did enjoy reading this novel as a whole and would recommend it to horror fans who are looking for something a little different.

Contents [ show ]. Do you want to always remember? Eventually he gains some dubious allies, the most important being a young woman named Mei Misaki who may or may not actually exist.

Are you an idiot? The two versions are slightly yukiot, but both SO good! This post marks the th review on this blog and that certainly would not have been possible without the lot of you. Another is a book that I thoroughly reveled.

Dec 05, Lilyn G. I do want to say that the description is somewhat misleading. Add to Your books. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here No current Talk conversations about this book.