To download ANGLU KALBOS GRAMATIKA PDF, click on the Download button According to the author, the program can recover deleted images, audio files. Šis pratimas prieinamas nusipirkus E1-E10 pamokas. His/ her word is as good as his bond – he/ she is reliable, you can trust him/ her. Testo paskirtis – nustatyti mokinio anglų kalbos (A2 ir B1 lygio) pasiekimus baigiant pagrindinio ugdymo programą, pagal. Europos Tarybos,,Bendruosius.

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You are so easy to trip up. Are you planning to finish pratiami project on time? Dialogue at the railway station.

One little blue bird, high in the tree.


Nice to meet you. Prepositions – in, at.

When we cleaned the yard, we a lot of work. How are you keeping? How does he drive? Hope you are well. Is she an actress? How long has he been here?


We like good food. One, two, three, four five! How do you do? I the phone down, outside, in my car anglh to the local police station.

When were you born? Nice to meet you too. Yesterday I to the movies. Man tai nereali dovana. When I this I just panicked!

Anglų Lietuvių kalbų žodynas | anglult

We don’t waste our time. Can I help you, Miss? Nuo tada, kai to nori ir vaikas, ir mama. Mano tekstai ir straipsniai. Would you show me? Twenty verbs, lesson How much does the fuel cost? I got my tool box and moved the cooker out of angou way.

Dialogue at the restaurant. Can I try it on? What is she like? He his report, then the gas company for me. How long did it take you? Pratimaai never have breakfast. Then I into the kitchen where I a funny noise. We watch comedy films in the evenings.

Anglų Lietuvių žodynas

Homeschooling – mano vaikai. What did you do at the weekend? You dress very well.


How old is your brother? Have a nice time. I a big bowl of cereal and some toast and watched TV for a while.

Where is the post office? How soon can you get there?