by award-winning Montenegrin novelist – Andrej Nikolaidis. ruminations on parenthood, father-son relationships, the City of Ulcinj, what is truth, what is sin?. Andrej Nikolaidis is a Bosnian novelist, columnist, and political adviser. His novel Sin (The Son) won the European Union Prize for Literature in FICTION. Andrej Nikolaidis. © ampimargini. Andrej Nikolaidis is a contemporary writer from one of Europe’s newest and smallest states: The Son (Sin, ).

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Our insomniac narrator finds mild interest in life through the most outrageous stories about serial killers. Engin Mert rated it it was amazing Nov 01, The nikopaidis flees his house after a devastating fire — not due to despair, but rather to avoid having to interact with his father or receive condolences from neighbours. Published first si David rated zndrej really liked it Aug 15, The train enters the Austrian capital with the narrator ready to sell what the contents of his briefcase: For most of the book, the character is an extreme parody of the main character in Sartre’s “Nausea”.

Other books in the series. Per finire vi voglio lasciare il link a due recensioni che mi sono piaciute molto: E queste vite inevitabilmente, inestricabilmente si intrecciano.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. His first critically acclaimed novel “Mimesis” was very well received in Croatia, Bosnia and among liberal Montenegrin intellectuals, [ citation needed ] where local independent media compares his expression and attitude to the one of Thomas Bernhard.

The Hungarian Sentence is a novel written in one sentence, long and meandering like the Danube. Our narrator is repulsed by the sib race and does not exclude himself from his savage, unforgiving, pessimistic commentary.


Andrej Nikolaidis – Wikipedia

That was behind me now. Pacifista schierato, ha ricevuto numerose minacce per via delle sue denunce della tortura. These encounters include a meeting with an old school friend, talking to a Muslim preacher, an assignation with a prostitute and a surreal run-in with a family of lepers who live in an sn underground Soviet era parking garage.

This is a portrait of a love-less landscape delivered with a polemical, sensuous language and heaps of dark humour. The Poetics of Apocalypse”. This sounds very compelling and is set nilolaidis a region which I really know nothing about. A cynical local reporter must tackle his most important story: An ardent supporter of Montenegrin independence, [2] anti-war activist and promoter of human rights, especially minority rights, Nikolaidis initially became known for his political views and public feuds, appearing on local television and in newspapers with his razor-sharp political commentaries.

In the style of Mihail Bulgakov, the characters meet in the old city of Ulcinj at the dramatically named Square of the Slaves.

The coming by Andrej Nikolaidis

And since there is no justice in the world, let us hope that a anderj caprice will nonetheless make this insanely readable page-turner a mega success.

It is the story about a strange and passionate friendship between Joe, a genius writer, a refugee from Bosnia to the Montenegrin coastal city of Ulcinj, and his rich, successful, but much less talented Montenegrin friend, also a writer. Until the age of six, he lived in the city of Ulcinj, where andrsj returned in after the war in Bosnia erupted. Petra rated it liked it Jan 25, Forse non era il momento giusto, il suo momento.


Nikolaidis resigned in February He lives in the Mediterranean town of Ulcinj.

The Coming by Andrej Nikolaidis

Petty Witter Apr 27, Blog Statshits. I like the idea of the soundtrack at the back of the book! Joseph Schreiber rated it it was amazing Jan 26, Winstonsdads reads of winstonsdad. He has often stated that he considers freedom of speech to be the basis of freedom.

He has written three novels and was awarded the European Prize for Literature He is considered by many to be one of the most influential intellectuals of the younger generation in the region, known for his anti-war activism and for his promotion of the rights of minorities.

Nikollaidis Olcinium Trilogy 3 books. The unsolved mysteries of both past and present, as well as environmental anomalies, serve to create the sense of an impending apocalypse, giving way in the final chapter to a post-apocalyptic reality.

Nikolaidis also publicly defended the victims of police torture, which resulted in his nilolaidis many threats, including a death threat during a live radio appearance. Interesting that this is one of those books which includes its own soundtrack, this seems to becoming very popular.

It is a very good thing that this book is short, because any more would be too much. Yes I always love the fiction of central europe always suprises.

Anche questo ragazzo non sopportava il peso del perdono, e per questo ha ucciso.