Time Traders/Galactic Derelict has ratings and 31 reviews. terpkristin said: The July S&L pick, this was a refreshingly quick read. I like time trave. Galactic Derelict has ratings and 64 reviews. Dean said: Andre Norton’s Galactic Derelict will forever be special to me. As a youngster, I struggle. Andre Norton’s books have long, been favorites in the science-fiction field. In GALACTIC DERELICT, the second novel in the Time Traders Series (first.

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Which could be actually cool if they weren’t trapped inside. Andre Norton has no peer in his chosen field of science fiction for teenagers. And the thing is, it works.

I remembered this Andre Norton book the most vividly from my childhood due to the settings and unusual for the time viewpoint of the main character. I didn’t realize this was 2 books in 1. They are planning a jaunt to 20, years ago to salvage an alien spacecraft.

Galactic Derelict –

This is one of the novels I remember derrelict. When I’m reading Grand Master Norton’s SF from the s, I’m back in a more hopeful time and I’m given a reason to think that the future will be better than the past.

Wikipedia in English 1 Galactic Derelict. Where their journey takes them provides breathless adventures in other worlds, with other-world creatures.


Galactic Derelict

Now that the bright glare of the sun was gone he could pick up a smaller dot, for smaller than the star which nurtured it. They are simplistic, of course, but I am enjoying re-experiencing the adventures.

The adventures take place in space as well as time, and sets the stage gaoactic the rest of the series. Adventure involving time travel, an alien spacecraft, and alien worlds. Refresh and try again. Attempting to bring the entire spaceship through the time portal, they succeed in activating the engines. Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. So he signs up for something with the military, that turns out to be time travel.

The adventures they fall into during their unexpected trip make up this novel.

Upon landing the ship indicates that the voyage has ended by ejecting a small discus from its autopilot. Unfortunately, the attempt by the agency to pull the ship through to the 20th century, although successful, accidentally launches it on an interg This adventure sci-fi novel has a plot hatched through pure bad luck in timing, which is odd in itself because it happens to a group of time agents.

Galactic Derelict – Andre Alice Norton | Feedbooks

Project Gutenberg 0 editions. They manage to get there, but the ship they get into is brought into the present and then launches itself, sending the small group of men on an adventure to other worlds. Jun 28, Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: Norton won a number of other genre awards, and regularly had works appear in the Locus annual “best of year” polls.


It was priced twenty-five cents and I had a quarter in my pocket, earmarked for five candy bars to get me through the weekend. Didn’t read 2nd book. But, I want to give her ‘Witch World’ books a try before I abandon her completely. Impulse took over, and I bought that book.

That said, the characters are enjoyable and mostly believable; the technology is not inconceivable; and the plot works. Even with those small changes for example Norton changed the Reds to the Russians there is one spot were Ross tunes alien technology like a TV. May 02, DaughterDaDa rated it liked it Shelves: Weekly Cover’s Each week we showcase two different titles to pique your interest.

Time Traders/Galactic Derelict

There was a moment when I was very positive something bad, very bad would happen. May 29, Andrew Spink rated it did not like it Shelves: Jul 27, Jockum rated it liked it. I give this 4 out of 5 stars.